Why Does My Cat Come To Me When I Sing? (Solved)

It is common to start singing around the house whether you are cooking, walking around, or just lounging in the living room passing time. This is behavior that is often exhibited by people when they are looking to relax and unwind a bit. Of course, it can also lead you to pay attention to your cat when singing. You may even ask, why does my cat come to me when I sing?

Cats can be attracted to the sound of people singing and this has to do with a cat’s inclination to notice vocal cues. Specific sounds will replicate a cat’s calls and cause them to investigate further to see where the noise is coming from.

It’s not the cat being attracted to you singing rather the sounds that you are making. They will try to intepret those sounds to see whether or not they mean anything to them. If you hit the right notes, you will perk up the cat’s attention immediately.

Key factors include:

  • Type of Singing
  • Proximity
  • Curiosity

For those who are wondering “Why does my cat come to me when I sing?” it often comes down to a cat just wanting to take a look at where the sound is coming from.

Their ears will perk up and it is something they won’t be able to ignore easily.

This article is going to answer “Why does my cat come to me when I sing?” by showcasing some of the reasons a cat may be attracted to your singing at home.

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Reasons Cats Come To People That Sing

1. Response to Specific Sounds

Singing on its own is not going to effect a cat.

However, humans don’t realize how subtle specific sounds can be to a cat’s ears. They are renowned for being great with vocalized cues, which is how they speak to everyone around them including humans. These cues are natural to cats and they will respond to them in the wild too.

As a result, when asking “Why does my cat come to me when I sing?” you have to realize the cat is hearing those sounds individually.

If they pick up a specific sound of distress when you are singing, they will come to take a look.

why does my cat come to me when i sing

2. General Curiosity

Cats are always going to be walking around especially at home.

Some are going to want to see where the sound came from especially if it is new. Over time, cats do get used to your singing and will ignore it.

However, when asking “Why does my cat come to me when I sing?” it is common for this to be a new occurrence. As a result, it is just a curious cat that is taking a look at where the singing is coming from.

Cats are known for being curious animals when it comes to their surroundings and this is specifically seen with sounds. They will take the time to investigate when given the chance to do so.

After they inspect the sound, they will walk away or ignore it.

This is just an initial reaction and some cats do find it appealing enough to investigate.

why does my cat come to me when i sing

3. Proximity to the Sound

How close is the cat when you are singing?

If the cat is in the same room, they are going to hear it. This is going to be loud enough for them to want to get up and take a peek at where the sound is coming from.

It is a natural instinct they have in these situations.

Cats are territorial and specific sounds that come with singing are going to make their ears perk up. They will want to take a look due to how close the sound is.

If you notice the cat come to you, don’t worry.

They will just want to take a look, see where the sound is coming from, and then determine what the best course of action is.

Once they notice it is you, they will walk away or sit in place without doing a lot. It is possible some cats will paw at you depending on whether or not they’re aggravated.

Related Questions

1. Do Cats Like When You Sing?

Cats do enjoy music but will likely be indifferent to a human singing. Some cats will ignore your singing while others are going to paw at you to stop. This depends on how loud you are singing as it might start to bother the cat.

2. Why Does My Cat Get Mad When I Sing?

Cats have sensitive ears and loud singing can disturb them. They will pick out subtle sounds the human ear won’t and this is why some cats don’t like for you to sing when they are nearby.

Final Thoughts

“Why does my cat come to me when I sing?”

Cats will come to you as a way to investigate where the sound is coming from. Some will ignore it, but most will at least take a peek at the source of the sound.

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