Why Does My Cat Like To Be Held? (Explained and Answered)

It is often noticeable when a cat wants to be around you all the time. They will purr in your presence, want to be in constant contact with you, and will often climb up to be held. This is going to make you ask, why does my cat like to be held?

Cats like to be held because they trust you and find comfort in your presence. It is also a sign of affection and loyalty on the part of the cat.

Most cats will begin to associate being held with feeling good and that is something they seek out. If you have been raising the cat from a young age, it is common for them to want to be treated just like they were when they used to be a kitten.

This includes being held all the time.

Key factors include:

  • Bond with the Cat
  • Separation Anxiety
  • General Affection

When asking “Why does my cat like to be held?” you will want to start with understanding your cat’s perspective. Your cat is going to be unique to other cats.

Some cats like being held because of separation anxiety. While others will want to be held because they enjoy being petted due to the comforting feeling it provides.

Each scenario is different but a lot of cats do like to be held by their owners.

This article is going to answer “Why does my cat like to be held?” by going through all of the reasons a cat may want to be held by its owner.

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Reasons Cats LIke To Be Held

1. Comfortable

For most cats, it is comfortable to be held by a human they trust.

They enjoy being near you and they just want to be held in a comfortable spot. You will even see the cat reaching out to be petted, which shows how much they enjoy being in your presence throughout the day.

For those asking “Why does my cat like to be held?” you will want to look at what your cat does when it is being held.

With ragdolls, you even see them start to loosen up to the point of becoming a “ragdoll,” which is where they get their name from. It can be a fascinating sight and it shows how loose they are around humans they trust completely.

why does my cat like to be held

2. Enjoy Being Petted

Cats are particular animals.

This means they are going to be on the lookout for comfort as much as possible. This includes reaching out to you as a food source throughout the day.

However, they will also associate you with comfort and that includes being petted.

Cats tend to relax when they are being petted and/or scratched, which makes it more likely for them to seek similar actions from their owner throughout the day.

A cat that enjoys being scratched and/or petted will want to come to you.

This is what makes it such an intriguing sight to see the cat come up to you during the day. They will even touch your hand as a way to let you know they want to be petted.

why does my cat like to be held

3. Separation Anxiety

This is one of the more unfortunate situations where the cat has separation anxiety.

You don’t want to have a cat that has this type of anxiety as it can impact their quality of life. They will always be apprehensive when you leave even if it is to go outside for a few minutes.

While you should work on this, it is important to note how separation anxiety can impact a cat. They will want to be held because that means you are nearby at all times.

Cats with separation anxiety are known to want to be as close to their owner as possible, which includes sitting on their shoulder and/or wanting to be held.

When asking “Why does my cat like to be held?” you will want to see how often the cat likes to be held.

A cat that has separation anxiety is going to want to be held all the time. They just won’t want to leave you alone and it has a lot to do with that sense of comfort they feel knowing you are not going to go away when they turn around.

Related Questions

1. Why Does My Cat Always Want To Be Held?

Some cats always want to be held because they associate your presence with comfort, being petted, and general affection. This is common behavior seen in loving cats but also cats with separation anxiety.

2. Do Cats Like Being Held Like Babies?

Some cats like being held like babies because it’s a source of comfort for them. This shows they trust you and enjoy being in your presence.

Final Thoughts

“Why does my cat like to be held?”

Some cats like to be held because it keeps them close to you and they get petted. This acts like a deep tissue massage and that sensation is something they find quite pleasing.

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