What Does Catnip Smell Like? (Explained and Answered)

Catnip is adored by cats and it’s something that will comfort them in seconds. Your cat will enjoy a little bit of catnip from time to time and it can give them a natural high that is pleasing to the body. While this is true, you may wonder, what does catnip smell like?

Catnip smells like mint and has a fresh scent to it that is quite distinct. It is crisp, appealing, and often acts as a sharp scent when put in front of a cat.

This is why cats enjoy a little bit of catnip from time to time and can easily find it. In fact, some cats have sharp noses and will even find the catnip when it is hidden somewhere around the house! This is why it’s important to make sure it is properly locked away.

Key factors include:

  • Composition
  • Texture
  • Impact on the Nose

Anyone that is asking “What does catnip smell like?” will be wondering what makes catnip appealing to cats. In the end, it has to do with the scent and the rush it provides to the cat.

They will enjoy being able to get the catnip and smell it to their heart’s content. This is the type of feeling that is going to make them happy and relaxed in seconds.

Here is a look at the question “What does catnip smell like?” while focusing on the reasons catnip smells the way it does.

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Reasons Cats Can’t Be Allergic To Themselves

1. Minty

Catnip is part of the mint family known as the “Nepeta Cataria” and has an active compound known as nepetalactone in it.

This compound is what causes the cat to have a “high” as soon as they take a sniff. It is a feeling that provides a rush-like sensation through the cat that causes them to calm down and just bask in the moment.

When asking “What does catnip smell like?” this is the first answer you are going to get from those who have been around the plant in the past.

It is a fresh, minty scent that is pleasing to both cats and humans. You are not going to mind the scent and it is going to spread nicely throughout the area especially when it is in good condition. This is the same attraction that cats have towards the catnip.

what does catnip smell like

2. Crisp

It is also known for being a crisp scent.

This means it is going to pierce through in comparison to other scents that are around the area. This is why cats prefer heading towards the catnip and can find it quickly wherever they are.

It simply attracts them and that is why it is a natural relaxant for them.

Cats enjoy the crisp nature of the scent and that is what allows them to pinpoint the mint plant even when they are outdoors.

When asking “What does catnip smell like?” you have to see the impact it has on the cat as that is what makes all the difference.

It is this crisp scent that makes the mint-like presence noticeable.

The cat will love it and it is going to enjoy how crisp the scent is as it spreads all around the area. You will even see cats roll around in the catnip because of how it smells on their fur.

what does catnip smell like

3. Earthy

This is going to depend on how fresh the catnip is.

Catnip is known to smell earthy and that is what makes it special in the first place. You are going to have the kind of earthy scent that is appealing from all angles to the cat.

They will be drawn towards it.

Cats often enjoy catnip because it has an organic earthiness to it and that is appealing to all sorts of cats including big cats such as lions.

Now, some human noses won’t like this earthiness.

It depends on what your preferences are but catnip isn’t for you anyway! This is for cats and they are going to enjoy that earthy undertone that is associated with the plant.

Related Questions

1. Is Catnip a Drug for Cats?

Yes, catnip can be referred to as a recreational drug for cats. It creates a natural high that causes a cat to go into a euphoric state while rolling around enjoying the moment.

2. Why Do Cats Love Catnip?

Cats love catnip because it stimulates receptors that are known for controlling how the body feels pleasure and/or euphoria.

Final Thoughts

“What does catnip smell like?”

Catnip is known to have a mint-like smell with crisp, earthy undertones. This is a scent that doesn’t have an effect on humans but is quite appealing to the average cat.

This includes big cats in the wild!

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