Why Does My Cat Pull My Hair? (Explained)

It is not fun dealing with a cat that is constantly poking and prodding at you. For a lot of cats, this is just a part of them being curious but it can become frustrating after a while. In fact, you may end up asking, why does my cat pull my hair?

Cats can pull a person’s hair as a way to help them groom. It is simply a gesture of trust and affection, which can include chewing your hair and/or nails.

Of course, it is unsettling for a lot of people and even painful depending on how aggressively the cat does it. For the most part, you can put an end to this with the right strategy.

Key factors include:

  • Bond with the Cat
  • General Affection
  • Cat’s Personality

When asking “Why does my cat pull my hair?” you will want to know what the root cause is before coming up with a plan to stop the cat from chewing on your hair!

It is important to take your time and understand where the cat is coming from. As mentioned before, most of the times, your cat will just be helping you groom. This can include overdoing its personal grooming too.

This article will answer “Why does my cat pull my hair?” while also showcasing what you can do to stop a cat from chewing on your hair.

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Tips On How To Stop Cat From Pulling Your Hair

1. Use a Cat Scratching Post

You will want to give the cat something to pull and scratch that is not on your body.

This can include something as simple as a scratching post for your cat. The idea is to get the cat to work away at something that is good for its claws and is going to ensure your hair isn’t getting pulled all the time.

For anyone asking “Why does my cat pull my hair?” this is a simple solution that is going to work well for the average indoor cat.

You can even use something else like a chew toy to divert their attention. The goal is just to keep the cat busy as that is half the work when it comes to something like this. The more patient you are, the better the results are going to be when it comes to maintaining a strong bond with the cat.

2. Increase the Cat’s Activity

When asking “Why does my cat pull my hair?” you will have to think about why the cat continues to chew or pull on your hair.

Most are just grooming you but that means they have a lot of time.

You will have to find a way to increase the cat’s daily activity.

Even a 10% increase in a cat’s daily activity will tire it out and this will make its grooming schedule more reasonable compared to what it would otherwise do.

This can be done in several ways including setting up a long list of cat toys, putting up a scratching post, or even installing a cat tree.

It is all about finding a way to ensure the cat always has something to do during the day so it doesn’t continue to want to groom you.

why does my cat pull my hair

3. Don’t Be Aggressive

This is a common mistake when anyone asks “Why does my cat pull my hair?”

You want to immediately put a stop to this and that is okay. However, you have to realize the cat means well, which is why getting aggressive is the wrong approach to take for such a loving action!

You should look to find a peaceful way of doing this as that is the only way to ensure the message gets through without confusing the cat.

Cats will pull on your hair as a way to show affection or groom you making aggression the wrong response as it will cause them to panic or get confused.

This can include diverting the cat’s attention using cat toys.

You can also show you don’t want that type of behavior by only rewarding the cat with treats when it doesn’t pull on the hair.

Related Questions

1. Why Does My Cat Pull My Hair With Her Teeth?

Cats will pull your hair with their teeth as a sign of grooming. It is an affectionate action that is a sign the cat is well-bonded with you.

2. Why Does My Cat Lick Me And Then Bite Me?

Cats can lick and bite you when they are either showing affection and/or letting you know they don’t want to be petted any longer.

Final Thoughts

“Why does my cat pull my hair?”

Cats pull on your hair as a sign of affection when they are looking to groom you. It can be stopped with a little bit of patience.

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