My Cat Is Ruining My Life! (Helpful Tips)

Cats are not always easy to deal with. A lot of cat owners will struggle depending on the cat’s mannerisms and it can become quite challenging after a while. Some will give up while others are going to tough it out because of how rewarding the result can be. For those saying “My cat is ruining my life!” it’s important to take the right approach to a situation such as this.

Cats can become bothersome because they are always whining, showing aggression, and/or refusing to behave properly indoors (i.e. scratching, peeing everywhere).

This can become difficult for the average cat owner to handle even if you have done it before.

Key factors include:

  • Noise Production
  • Messiness
  • Age of the Cat

If you are saying “My cat is ruining my life!” then it’s important to take a step back and find a solution. Unfortunately, this can also including having to give the cat away to another family that is willing to take them on.

However, what if you are someone that wants to improve things with your cat? Is it possible to do so?

This article is going to help those saying “My cat is ruining my life!” by showing what you can do when a cat is bothering you all the time.

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Tips For Helping Cat That’s Ruining Your Life

1. Use a Pet Gate

Pet gates are a wonderful starting point.

The reason pet gates are great because they’re easy to set up. You will want to restrict where the cat is going inside the house as that is one of the main reasons you’re going to get frustrated with them.

Look for a part of the house where the cat is going to have everything it needs (i.e. litter box, food, toys). This is the part of the house where the cat should be spending most of its time. The rest of the house should be yours to enjoy and that is where a good-quality pet gate for cats helps.

Just look to set one up as soon as possible and it will improve your quality of life without having to give up on the cat.

A lot of people just give up on the cat because it tends to be aggressive all over the place. Of course this will happen when you are not blocking their entry to specific parts of the house (i.e. your bedroom).

my cat is ruining my life

2. Use Aerosol Hiss

For those saying “My cat is ruining my life!” you will want to take advantage of an aerosol can.

The idea is to use it in the same room as the cat when it is misbehaving. Don’t direct it at the cat as that is dangerous and unnecessary.

Instead, you want to simply use the hiss as a sound-based tactic to stop the cat quickly. This is a proven method that is used by experts because it works well in a wide array of situations with all types of cats.

The sharp hiss of an aerosol can is often used as a way to stop a cat in its tracks and can help quite a bit with aggression.

If you don’t have this type of solution, it’s okay to just use any type of hissing sound.

The goal is to get them to stop due to the sound. This is a sound cats are used to and they will respond to by stopping.

my cat is ruining my life

3. Use Controlled Spaces

Controlled spaces are smart.

You want to keep the cat trained to stay within controlled spaces in the house. This also applies for when you are taking them outdoors. You want to use a cat carrier to regulate their behavior and not let them loose.

The more you let them loose, the worse it is going to get.

Controlled spaces are essential with aggressive and/or untrained cats including playpens, gated areas, and/or smaller rooms.

It is also important to control everything else including when you give them cat treats.

Don’t condone aggression and give them treats. It is important for the cat to know good behavior is the only way it is going to get what it wants.

Related Questions

1. How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Being Mean?

Cats can become mean when they’re anxious and stressed. It’s importnat to make them feel comfortable in your presence using treats and a soothing voice. Over time, they will get used to your scent and come to you.

2. Do Cats Ruin Your House?

Untrained cats can ruin your house including scratching furniture, peeing on the floor, and/or toppling over decorations. It’s important to come up with a personalized strategy to help control the cat from ruining your house.

Final Thoughts

“My cat is ruining my life!”

Cats that ruin your life should be handled with care. Yes, it is a stressful situation to be in but it is not the end of the world.

If it is impossible to care for the cat then give them to a loving family. There is nothing wrong in doing this as it’s better for both you and the cat itself.

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