Do Cats Eat Other Dead Cats? (Solved)

Cats tend to have complex personalities when it comes to living cats and humans. They will often show signs of being aloof while others are going to display complete trust. It depends on the specific personality of a cat and how it perceives other cats/humans around it. This also makes you wonder, do cats eat other dead cats?

Yes, it is possible for cats to eat other dead cats. It can happen if the cat is starved and has no other source of food available to consume. This behavior is also common among cats that give birth. It’s possible for cats to eat their kittens due to hunger.

This is why it’s important to make sure the cat is well-fed, if it is an indoor pet. This is the only way to make sure it doesn’t take up the opportunity to eat dead animals outdoors including a dead cat.

Key factors include:

  • Cat’s Hunger
  • Surrounding Environment

For those wondering, “Do cats eat other dead cats?” it is certainly possible for this to happen. Some cat owners see their cat eating dead cats and that can be concerning.

In fact, there are cases where a cat isn’t hungry but its natural instinct causes to eat the dead cat. This can be upsetting to some but it is simply the cat reacting on how it feels in the moment.

This article will dive deeper into the question “Do cats eat other dead cats?” with an eye towards understanding what causes a cat to eat other cats.

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Reasons Cat Eat Other Dead Cats

1. Hunger

This is the most common reason for a cat eating a dead cat.

It simply comes down to hunger.

When a cat is hungry and hasn’t eaten all day, it is going to be in search of food. Unfortunately, this can cause the cat to start going after the scent of a dead cat that is nearby. When this happens, the cat isn’t going to have a lot of trouble eating the dead cat.

It is simply a reaction to its circumstances.

Cats don’t have the same hesitation that a human would nor would they look at the cat in that manner. They will see it as a food source that is already dead. This is a critical detail to think about for those who want to better understand the cat’s psychological state during the process.

In some parts of the world, it is common to see this happen a lot more during droughts.

Do cats eat other dead cats

2. Nutrient Deficiency

For those wondering “Do cats eat other dead cats?” you will also want to think about the cat’s health.

A cat that is nutrient deficient is going to be looking to eat anything that it can find those nutrients from. This can include all sorts of items that a cat wouldn’t naturally eat such as grass.

A cat will look to eat grass as a way to get those key nutrients that it is missing.

It’s possible for a mother cat to be nutrient deficient after giving birth, which is why she ends up eating 1-2 of the kittens in her litter as a survival strategy.

The most common example of this is cats that have given birth.

They will eat their kittens because it is the only way to keep the rest of the litter safe. If they don’t do this, all of the kittens would die.

Do cats eat other dead cats

3. Target Other Species

This is rare but it can happen in the wild.

The idea is the cat will go after a species that is nearby. Cats are territorial, so they are not going to like the scent of another cat in their area.

If this happens, they will attack and try to fend off the other cat. This can lead to situations where that cat dies.

Cats in the wild may target surrounding species as a survival instinct and then eat their dead bodies.

As a result for those asking “Do cats eat other dead cats?” you will start to see the cat eat the dead cat that it just attacked.

This is not as common but it is a possible variable that can cause the cat to want to eat the dead cat.

Related Questions

1. Do Cats Eat Dead Animals?

Yes, cats do eat dead animals. However, their natural instinct is to hunt for food and that includes chasing after prey.

2. Do Cats Enjoy Killing?

Cats have a natural hunting instinct. Cats usually don’t enjoy killing and rather prefer the thrill of a chase. In some cases, cats will leave the animal alone after they have caught them especially when they aren’t hungry.

Final Thoughts

“Do cats eat other dead cats?”

Cats are more than happy to eat dead cats when they’re hungry. It is not something that is to be expected but it can happen.

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