Should I Get Another Cat For My Grieving Cat? (Helpful Tips)

It’s common for a cat to become depressed after its companion has passed away. They will go through a period of grief that can cause them to become unhappy, fatigued, and/or lead to issues involving lack of eating. This is why you will often wonder if there’s a solution for them. This includes asking, should I get another cat for my grieving cat?

It’s recommended to get another cat for a grieving cat. This can make it easier for the cat to transition out of its grief including allowing them to focus on something different.

It can also be a boost around the house after losing a beloved pet. This makes it a win-win for everyone including the cat.

Key factors include:

  • Age of the Cat
  • Type of New Cat
  • Living Arrangements

When it is time to ask “Should I get another cat for my grieving cat?” your top priority has to be on assessing whether or not it’s ideal for your situation.

Some cat owners struggle with a new cat and it can be difficult to adjust. As a result, you are better off taking the time to understand whether or not you are in a good spot financially, psychologically, and physically to raise a new cat.

This is more important than even ensuring your cat needs another cat!

This article will answer “Should I get another cat for my grieving cat?” while also concentrating on the benefits of a new cat after your cat has passed away.

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Benefits Of Getting Another Cat For A Grieving Cat

1. Speeds Up Grief Period

There is a grief period when it comes to a grieving cat.

This can be sustained for a long period including some cats not knowing what to do for months. This can cause them not to eat well, stay lazy, and/or have issues with their health.

This is key when asking “Should I get another cat for my grieving cat?” because there is a grief period that can be offset by bringing in a new cat.

This is essential as it will allow the cat to concentrate on something else over the long haul. They will have a much easier time getting past the phase of being alone all the time. This is what tends to bother cats as they are used to the routines they have built over time.

should i get another cat for my grieving cat

2. New Companion

When asking “Should I get another cat for my grieving cat?” you also have to think about whether or not the cat requires a new companion.

If the cat was often mingling with the other cat (i.e. playing together) it is common for them to get depressed. This can be a real challenge as the cat begins to grieve.

As a result, it makes sense to get another cat when it comes to a grieving cat.

Cats that are used to a companion will be used to this dynamic and tend to respond well to the addition of a new cat.

This will allow a cat to grieve for a bit before getting used to another cat.

It is common for cats to do well when it comes to the short and long term as soon as a new companion enters the house.

should i get another cat for my grieving cat

3. Ideal for the House’s Environment

The house is often ignored when it comes to bringing in a new cat.

For example, you might be used to the idea of having multiple cats at home. This is why losing a cat is difficult as it changes the dynamics inside the house right away.

Due to this, you are going to want to consider bringing in a new cat after a few weeks or months. It will make the transition easier and simpler.

The house as a whole can be in a state of grief and this can cause major issues when it comes to everyone including cat owners.

You will already have everything set up and that does make things easier over the long haul.

Of course, it isn’t necessary but it is a good answer when it comes to the question “Should I get another cat for my grieving cat?”

Related Questions

1. How Long Do Cats Grieve For Another Cat?

Research shows cats can grieve another cat for up to six months. Each cat is unique when it comes to their grieving but most will spend weeks or months struggling with the change.

2. Do Cats Know When Another Cat Has Died?

It is common for cats to go through a grief period when another cat has died. This includes not eating well, becoming lazy, and/or not feeling good about their health.

Final Thoughts

“Should I get another cat for my grieving cat?”

It is always recommended to go out and get another cat for your grieving cat. It will make life easier for the cat especially as it is still grieving over the loss of a companion.

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