Why Does My Cat Chew On Metal? (And How To Stop It!)

Cats are curious animals and will always focus on the environment around them. This can include humans, furniture, and/or anything else they can get their paws on. Of course, this can also result in chewing on something they’re not supposed to. You may even ask, why does my cat chew on metal?

Cats chew on metal to relieve stress, entertain themselves, and/or show they are hungry. When a cat is missing key nutrients in its diet, it can start chewing on metals, plastics, or other non-edible materials.

This is why it’s important to keep tabs on what your cat is eating during the day.

Key factors include:

  • Missing Nutrients
  • Lack of Food
  • Boredom

When asking “Why does my cat chew on metal?” you will have to understand the cat’s perspective. They are not going to be chewing on metal because it tastes good. This is not their intention as it has more to do with another reason that is individual to them.

It’s your responsibility to get to the bottom of things as soon as you can.

This is why asking “Why does my cat chew on metal?” is a good start.

This guide will help answer the question and show tips on how to stop a cat from chewing metal. This advice will go a long way in making sure your cat stops chewing on metal right away.

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Tips For Stopping A Cat From Chewing Metal

1. Increase Caloric Intake

Your first action should be to look at the cat’s diet.

When a cat chews on metal, it is showing there’s something wrong with its environment and/or diet. Since the diet is a faster fix, you will want to start here.

The idea is to look at the cat’s diet and add calories to it. This might be the reason your cat is unsatisfied because it isn’t getting enough food to eat during the day. It is due to this lack of food that the cat is starting to act out in different ways!

By asking “Why does my cat chew on metal?” you are on the right track. Just take the time to increase the cat’s calories and see what happens.

Don’t overdo it.

You want to just start with a little bit more and see how the cat goes. Sometimes, you can also include cat treats into the mix as a way of improving the cat’s dietary intake.

why does my cat chew on metal

2. Buy Cat Toys

There are times when a cat is just bored.

This can happen when the cat is spending a lot of time on its own during the day. For those who go to work or school, you will want to account for this.

Buy cat toys and make it easier for the cat to have fun.

A good cat tree can go a long way in helping cats take care of their boredom along with several other types of cat toys.

A bored cat can get up to all sorts of trouble!

They are inquisitive animals and will want to do something when awake. By investing in a good cat tree or set of cat toys, you will be well on your way on improving this behavior.

Stopping a cat from chewing metal is all about the little changes and this is an easy one to make.

why does my cat chew on metal

3. Test for Missing Nutrients

This is a more fundamental cause of a cat chewing on metal.

The idea is they are missing specific nutrients from their natural diet. It can lead to the cat feeling unsatisfied with what it is eating and looking for those nutrients in its environment.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy for a cat to find those nutrients, so they start chewing on non-edible objects.

Some cats will start behaving oddly because they are missing key nutrients and are trying to get it from sources around them.

This can result in chewing all sorts of things around the house.

They will look for metals that are nearby as a way to see whether or not this gives them nutrients. As a result, you should be speaking to a vet to have a test done on the cat.

This will let you know whether or not something is off.

Related Questions

1. Is It Bad For Cats To Chew On Metal?

Yes, it is bad for cats to chew on metal. This material can get lodged in their throat and/or lead to the consumption of harmful toxins that are present on the surface of day-to-day metals.

2. Why Is My Cat Chewing On Hard Things?

Cats can start chewing on hard things out of boredom, lack of calories, and/or missing nutrients in their diet. This can be dangerous depending on what the cat is chewing and it’s important to rectify the behavior immediately.

Final Thoughts

“Why does my cat chew on metal?”

Cats can chew on metal for several reasons. This includes boredom, not getting enough food, and/or not getting the right type of food.

It’s important to rectify this behavior before it spirals out of control!

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