Why Do Kittens Grow So Fast? (Explained)

It can be incredible to watch how quickly a kitten grows from the time it’s born. A lot of cat owners state it feels as if the kitten doubles its size every week during those first few months. Indeed, this is truly one of the fastest growing phases in a cat’s life and often the most intriguing. It often leads you to wonder, why do kittens grow so fast?

Kittens can grow fast due to nursing from their mothers and being at a critical phase in their developmental cycle. The average cat will grow the most during its early years whether this includes the cat’s height, fur, and/or any other physical attribute.

This is why it’s essential to keep the kitten well-fed, protected, and happy.

Key factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Nursing
  • Developmental Phase

There will be a phase in the kitten’s life where it is naturally going to grow quickly. This is true for all types of cat breeds and it is seen in different types of animals too including humans.

Since a cat’s lifespan is shorter, this “growth” phase is quicker than humans. It can feel more noticeable due to this causing you to wonder, “Why do kittens grow so fast?”

It’s important to find out what the reasons can be for a kitten growing quickly. This article will dive into the query “Why do kittens grow so fast?” and focus on what the main reasons are for a young cat growing fast.

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Reasons For Kittens Growing Fast

1. Developmental Phase

The main reason for a kitten growing quickly has to do with its developmental phase.

This means there is going to be a stage in the kitten’s life when it will be growing every day. This tends to happen during its first few months on the planet and continues until it is an “adult” cat.

This growth phase is when the kitten is going to sleep a lot, eat a lot, and just continue to grow into their full-size.

This is why anyone asking “Why do kittens grow so fast?” has to realize it is a critical part of the kitten’s life. If they eat and sleep well during this phase, they are more likely to lead healthier lives down the road.

This is why it’s important to take care of your kitten and how it grows.

why do kittens grow so fast

2. Nursing

In the wild, a kitten is going to be nursing from its mother.

This means it is going to be getting all of the key nutrients from the mother’s milk. This is key because it is this milk that optimizes how a kitten continues to grow with time.

If they don’t gain access to these nutrients, they are not going to have the opportunity to grow the way they need to.

Kittens can nurse multiple times during the day and this can cause them to grow rapidly at a young age.

Nursing kittens is imperative and that applies to domestic kittens too.

You will have to find out how to nurse the kitten whether it is with the mother and/or milk replacement options. It is important to keep the kitten well-fed at all stages.

why do kittens grow so fast

3. Short Lifespan

When asking “Why do kittens grow so fast?” you have to understand how a kitten grows.

They are not going to have a stretched out lifespan like other animals. This includes humans because the average child is going to take quite a few years to grow even if their “growth” phase is quick.

As a result, a cat growing at a young age will seem rapid.

The average cat will live approximately 10-16 years, which can speed up different phases of their life including their growth phase.

It is just the reality of a cat living less than other animals.

Since this is true, each phase in their life is going to go by faster whether it is their adult years, senior years, and/or time as a kitten.

Related Questions

1. Do Kittens Grow Quickly?

Yes, kittens grow quickly due to their shorter lifespans. This causes a kitten to grow within months before become a full-sized cat.

2. How Long Does It Take For A Kitten To Grow Bigger?

Each kitten is different but most will grow bigger within 6-18 months depending on their breed.

Final Thoughts

“Why do kittens grow so fast?”

Kittens grow fast because they are often nursing, it’s early in their growth phase. and they have shorter lifespans. This can speed up everything that happens in their life.

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