Why Do Cats Crab Walk? (Solved)

Cats are masters of non-verbal cues. It’s something they use all the time whether it’s dealing with fellow cats, humans, and/or predators that are lurking nearby. They attempt to showcase specific thoughts and/or actions through these cues to get the reaction they’re after. This is why you may ask, why do cats crab walk?

Cats crab walk as a way of staying big as they retreat from a situation. In kittens, this is commonly seen as a playful act where they “attack” and then quickly crab walk away.

This is just one of those non-verbal cues cats learn from a young age and it stays with them forever.

Key factors include:

  • Type of Non-Verbal Cue
  • Following Action(s)
  • Emotions of the Cat

The most common reason for a cat crab walking has to do with retreating. It is just a way to make sure it stays big as it walks away.

This is key when asking “Why do cats crab walk?” because each situation is unique.

There are times when a cat may start crab walking out of boredom. This is not as common but it is seen in indoor cats when they are playing around and just having a bit of fun during the day.

This article will answer “Why do cats crab walk?” with an eye towards understanding what the reasons can be for a cat crab walking around the house.

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Reasons For Cat Crab Walking

1. Retreating

The most common reason a cat will crab walk has to do with staying big.

Let’s assume the cat has attacked a predator in self-defence. If this happens, they will need to find a way to escape without having the predator run at them to attack.

Due to this, they try to stay big by making their body as large as possible. This is a visual change that will make the predator think the cat is bigger than it truly is.

When a cat crab walks, they look much bigger and that can convince predators to stay away.

It also allows the cat to keep an eye on the predator as it moves away.

For cats that do this at home leading you to ask “Why do cats crab walk?” it has more to do with practice. They are just playfully doing it as a way to learn how to crab walk as a cat.

Why do cats crab walk

2. Bored

This is something you have to take into account when asking “Why do cats crab walk?” because cats do like playing around.

Let’s assume you have a cat at home that is always alone.

They might start doing things such as this or running around chasing after objects around the house. The idea is to practice their survival skills whether this has to do with retreating and/or hunting.

Cats that are bored will often do things that help train them such as playful fighting and/or crab walking.

For the cat, this is just a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Lots of cats maintain this natural instinct and will crab walk naturally. It is just something that comes to them as a part of their survival toolkit.

Why do cats crab walk

3. Practicing How To Move Quickly

Cats do love practicing how to move quickly.

When they are under duress in the wild or even as a domestic cat, they will make use of these skills. A lot of younger cats will practice by crab walking from time to time.

They might paw at you and then crab walk. It is just a way of honing their skills a bit.

Cats will often practice their movements in a safe setting, which can include around their cat owners. This is just a way to prep themselves, especially at a younger age.

When asking “Why do cats crab walk?” you have to realize the cat doesn’t get too many opportunities to practice these skills as a domestic pet.

When they do find a chance to do so, they will make sure to practice as much as possible.

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Cats will often puff up and walk sideways to showcase strength and dominance. It is a defensive mechanism that is used in the wild by cats to look bigger to their predators.

2. Why Does My Cat Walk With His Back Arched?

Cats walk with their back arched to look bigger. This is ideal when dealing with potential predators or when being attacked as it makes the cat look more dominating to the other animal.

Final Thoughts

“Why do cats crab walk?”

Cats will often crab walk as a defensive mechanism because it allows them to look bigger. In domestic cats, this is done playfully to help hone their skills.

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