Why Does My Cat Sleep Between Me And My Husband? (Explained)

When it comes to your cat’s sleeping habits, it might have a list of preferences. Each cat is unique when it comes to how it likes sleeping and sometimes it might seem odd to you. A good example of this would be a cat sleeping in your bed when it has a place of its own. You may even ask, why does my cat sleep between me and my husband?

Cats may like to sleep between you and your spouse or significant other because it’s safer. By staying close to their “family” they will have a much better time resting. It’s a natural instinct that is often seen in the wild too.

Certain cats will also suffer from separation anxiety and find it difficult to sleep away from you. While others might be dealing with scary sights or sounds near their bed, which can make it harder for them to rest well.

Key factors include:

  • Size of the House
  • Placement of the Cat Bed
  • General Bond with the Cat

If you are wondering, “Why does my cat sleep between me and my husband?” then it makes sense to look at the root cause of this behavior.

Cats will always have a reason for where they choose to sleep and some will get antsy if you don’t let them rest in those spots.

Of course, this can include a cat wanting to sleep in your bed!

This article will answer “Why does my cat sleep between me and my husband?” while looking at some of the main factors for a cat wanting to sleep with you and your partner.

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Reasons For Cat Sleeping Between You And Your Partner

1. Separation Anxiety

Some cats will be dealing with separation anxiety and this is seen in everything they do.

For example, your cat may not like being away from you at any time of the day. They will even walk around and follow you throughout the home.

When this happens, you will know the answer to “Why does my cat sleep between me and my husband?” immediately.

It is just an extension of their separation anxiety and how they feel being away from you. This doesn’t change when it comes to their resting spot at night.

The best option to get a cat to stop sleeping with you is to train them. You will want to work on their separation anxiety and make it easier for them to settle in. This will take a bit of time but those who are persistent will see good results.

why does my cat sleep between me and my husband

2. Seeking Safety

You have to realize a lot of cats just react based on their natural instinct.

This means they will often feel unsafe where their cat bed is and want to be closer to you. This is commonly seen in larger houses where the cat doesn’t feel comfortable being on its own.

Cats can start to seek safety in numbers when sleeping as they are most vulnerable during this state.

When this happens, you will see an indoor cat want to sleep with you in your bed.

If you are wondering “Why does my cat sleep between me and my husband?” then it might be time to work on where their cat bed is set up.

You will want to find a good cat bed for your home that will make it easier for the cat to relax at night.

why does my cat sleep between me and my husband

3. Scared of Regular Sleeping Spot

A cat that sleeps with you and your partner can be scared of its usual sleeping spot.

When you live in a noisy area, it is possible they get scared of those sounds making it harder to go to sleep. A lot cats deal with this and it can be challenging for them to rest.

Cats will often get scared of specific sights and/or sounds near their sleeping bed causing them to want to change where they rest.

Due to this, you will see them try to sleep in your bed or get into the bedroom.

It is just a natural reaction to being scared of where they are expected to rest at night.

Final Thoughts

“Why does my cat sleep between me and my husband?”

Cats can start to sleep with you in your bed because it is more comfortable, their cat bad is set up in the wrong part of the house, and/or they are dealing with separation anxiety.

It is important to find a good cat bed for your cat to make sure it does have a nice spot to sleep in at night.

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