When Do Cats Stop Going Into Heat? (And Why Or Why Not!)

When a female cat begins to show signs of aging, it’s common for them to stop going into heat. This is when you will want to pay attention to the cat’s mannerisms, behavioral tendencies, and/or general quality of life. There will be noticeable differences along the way. This is why it’s important to ask, when do cats stop going into heat?

Female cats do not stop going into heat because they are polyestrous animals. This means they have a perpetual cycle of periods starting at the age of 4-6 months.

As a result, most female cats need to be spayed to control the cat population in any given area. If allowed to breed with reckless abandon, this can not only overpopulate the area but also negatively impact the female cat as her body gives out.

Key factors include:

  • Age of the Female Cat
  • Number of Babies/Litters
  • Environmental Conditions

When asking “When do cats stop going into heat?” your goal should be to focus on how to prevent a female cat from having periods all the time.

Yes, it is okay for female cats to breed but there has to be a limit for their health. Otherwise, it can lead to significant health issues as they turn into a breeding machine!

This article will look at answering “When do cats stop going into heat?” by illustrating the impact of a female cat always being in heat on her health.

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Things To Consider With Polyestrous Cats

1. Lifelong Periods

In general, a female cat is going to be in a state of constant periods.

There will be cycles and these will begin from the age of 4-6 months. These cycles do not stop in a healthy cat and will continue for as long as they live.

As a result, it can leave them in a state where they are constantly getting pregnant. This is why more and more female cats are spayed not only to prevent overpopulation but to also make sure the cat itself remains healthy as it ages.

These periods do make it difficult for female cats as they are always on the hunt for a mate. It can cause frustration if they are not able to find a mate as often as they need.

when do cats stop going into heat

2. Can Give BIrth To Hundreds of Kittens

Let’s assume you ask “When do cats stop going into heat?” and want to stop your cat from giving birth to another litter.

Perhaps, you have seen the cat deliver multiple litters already!

In this case, you have to realize this could become a perpetual cycle that doesn’t end. It could become a situation where the cat gives birth to hundreds of kittens throughout its life.

It is possible for some female cats to give birth to approximately 200-300 kittens throughout the course of their lives as they remain in a state of pregnancy throughout their adult life.

Since the average pet owner can’t handle this type of behavior, it is important to get the female cat spayed quickly.

Otherwise, this is a problem that will linger as the cat will continue to find mates as it goes outdoors. This can lead to an never-ending experience with the cat being pregnant all the time.

when do cats stop going into heat

3. Significant Health Issues

The reason it is important to curb how often a cat gets pregnant has to do with long term health issues.

It is not good for a cat’s body to be exhausted to the point it is difficult for it to lead a healthy life. There is a limit even if it is possible for the female cat to mate regularly.

Female cats can end up with significant health issues including joint pain, fatigue, and/or a compromised immune system.

Those health issues are why you may be asking “When do cats stop going into heat?” in the first place!

Whether it has to do with fatigue or general pain, the female cat will see a decline in her quality of life as she gets older.

This is due to the number of pregnancies she’s had.

Related Questions

1. How Often Do Cats Go Into Heat In A Year?

Cats have a mating season between fall and spring. During this period, cats can go into heat every 2-3 weeks if they don’t get pregnant. Each cycle is approximately six days long.

2. When Do Cats Go Into Heat?

A cat’s first cycle will begin at the age of 4-6 months or when they reach puberty. This heat cycle continues for the rest of their lives.

Final Thoughts

“When do cats stop going into heat?”

Cats do not stop going into heat regardless of their age. If the cat is healthy, she will continue to go through the heat cycle for the rest of her life.

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