My Cat’s Meow Is Weak And Raspy! (Learn Why!)

When your cat is struggling to meow, it will be noticeable. Your cat is going to have a strained meow that will make it seem raspy or uncomfortable. It might become difficult for the cat to vocalize how it is feeling and/or what it wants to communicate. If you are saying “my cat’s meow is weak and raspy!” then it’s time to figure out what’s going on.

A cat’s meow can become weak and raspy when it has been vocalizing loudly for an extended period (i.e. distress calls when stuck) causing its voice to go hoarse. Another reason can include an upper respiratory infection that causes the cat’s throat to become congested.

Each situation is unique and visiting the vet is often a recommended solution.

Key factors include:

  • Cause of the Hoarse Voice
  • Level of Discomfort
  • Surrounding Symptoms

A lot of the time, a cat that has a weak and raspy voice will often exhibit additional symptoms. This might indicate they are dealing with an upper respiratory infection especially if there are signs of fatigue.

It’s important to focus on this when saying “My cat’s meow is weak and raspy!” or you are going to end up with a prolonged concern on your hands. Taking action quickly is the way to go.

This article will focus on the question and what to do about it.

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Reasons For My Cat’s Meow Is Weak And Raspy

1. Extended Period of Whining/Meowing

This is the most common reason for a cat’s meow becoming weak.

In general, when a cat is trapped somewhere, it is going to start meowing loudly. This is just a natural reaction to alerting others and wanting to make sure they are freed.

With indoor cats, you will often see this when they are distressed in any way.

When you say “My cat’s meow is weak and raspy!” you will know it might have to do with the cat overdoing it. This can include getting trapped and loudly meowing to the point of exhaustion. When this happens, not only is the cat going to get tired but so will its vocal cords.

This is why it is important to calm a cat down.

Otherwise, the cat’s vocal cords are going to take a bit of time to repair themselves. It might take a few days for the hoarseness to go away.

My cat's meow is weak and raspy

2. Upper Respiratory Infection

In some scenarios, it is possible for the cat’s weak meow to be a sign of a greater medical problem.

This has to do with the presence of an upper respiratory infection in cats. This can happen when the cat has been infected by a virus and is now trying to fight it off.

The cat’s immune system is resilient but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to have to go to the vet. You should be visiting the vet as soon as possible if your cat’s voice is hoarse.

Cats can suffer from respiratory infections which will lead to symptoms such as fatigue, hoarseness, heavy breathing, and more.

Take the time to focus on this and visit the vet.

The upper respiratory infection in cats can be treated with the right medication. It’s best to have the vet diagnose your cat’s hoarse voice and go from there.

My cat's meow is weak and raspy

3. Damaged Vocal Cords

When saying “My cat’s meow is weak and raspy!” you will know this is a legitimate problem.

However, there are times when it might have to do with damaged vocal cords. Each cat is different and that means the vocal cords can only take so much stress before breaking down.

This is commonly seen in senior cats.

Cats have vocal cords that are regularly used to communicate and these can become damaged depending on what has happened in a cat’s life.

As the vocal cords give out, the cat is going to start seeing its voice weaken.

The best approach in a situation such as this is to have the vocal cords assessed by a vet. They will know what to look for and whether or not this is permanent damage.

Related Questions

1. Why Is My Cat’s Voice Squeaky?

A cat’s voice can become squeaky when it is excited. This is a behavior that is seen from a young age when a kitten is speaking to its mother.

2. Why Is My Cat’s Voice Different?

Subtle changes in a cat’s voice can be signs of a voice box concern. When the voice box has been damaged, this will cause the cat’s voice to become squeaky and/or deeper than normal. It depends on how the voice box has been altered.

Final Thoughts

“My cat’s meow is weak and raspy!”

Most cats that meow with a raspy tone will have been overdoing it with the meowing. This means they might have been meowing loudly for hours.

It can also be a sign of a respiratory infection making it important to speak to a vet.

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