Do Kittens Get Cold? (And How To Keep Them Warm!)

Kittens are fragile at a young age and do need to be cared for. Most cat owners will think about food, where the kitten sleeps, and what it does during the day, but what about the room’s temperature? This is an integral part of their formative years and it’s something to think about in detail. The best place to start is by asking, do kittens get cold?

Yes, kittens do get cold and will not be able to handle anything below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s best to keep them in a warm, protected space to avoid health issues.

If a kitten is allowed to go into the basement and/or a crawl space, they could fall ill due to the drop in temperature. It’s important as a cat owner to stay vigilant and keep the kitten safe.

Key factors include:

  • Amount of Cold
  • Amount of Exposure
  • Age of the Kitten

As a kitten starts to get older, it will handle brisk conditions better. However, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to start placing the kitten in frigid temperatures as that will cause them to fall ill.

For those asking “Do kittens get cold?” it is best to learn how to keep a kitten warm at home. You want to ensure they are living in calm conditions where the temperature isn’t going to be a concern at all (i.e. room temperature).

It is never good for the house to be too hot or too cold. This can lead to major health issues especially if there is prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.

This article will look at the query “Do kittens get cold?” by concentrating on factors that play a role in a kitten getting cold.

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Factors That Play A Role In Kitten Getting Cold

1. Amount of Cold

The main factor is always how cold it is around the kitten.

If the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the kitten is going to be in trouble. This is not a sustainable temperature for the kitten to spend time in and it will start having health concerns.

For those asking “Do kittens get cold?” you will have to make sure the kitten isn’t exposed to this type of cold. It won’t be good for the kitten’s health at all!

Instead, it is best to find a good heating pad for your kitten and make sure it can spend time there. Most of the times, the kitten should be kept in a warm place where it can grow easily.

do kittens get cold

2. Exposure to the Cold

How long is the kitten in the cold?

This is a key factor to look at when it comes to a kitten that is cold. You want to ensure the exposure is limited to a few seconds before you bring it back to a warm spot.

Keeping a kitten warm is always smart and that is why letting them spend time indoors is a good idea.

Most cats can tolerate a minute or two of brisk cold but extended exposure can lead to serious health issues.

If a kitten grows indoors, it will have a much healthier life.

This is something to consider because of the kitten’s fragility at that age. They will get tougher with time but not as kittens.

do kittens get cold

3. Age of the Kitten

When asking “Do kittens get cold?” you have to look at the kitten’s age too.

A very young kitten that is just born won’t have the same tolerance as an older kitten. As the kitten grows, its fur will get thicker and the temperature won’t be as much of a nuisance.

However, the same can’t be said for a newborn kitten in the cold.

Kittens at a younger age will find it harder to handle colder temperatures due to their fur still growing in.

You will want to account for this when placing a kitten indoors or outdoors.

For the most part, it is smarter to keep the kitten indoors when it is cold.

Related Questions

1. How Can You Tell If A Kitten Is Cold?

You can tell when a kitten is cold by touching its paws and/or placing a finger inside their mouth. If these are cold, you will know the kitten is not enjoying the temperature and might be at risk of developing a serious health issue.

2. Do Kittens Like The Cold?

Kittens can handle the cold but most will not do well when it becomes freezing cold outdoors. Temperatures below 45 degrees Farhenheit are dangerous for kittens and can cause hypothermia.

Final Thoughts

“Do kittens get cold?”

For the most part, kittens do well in the cold but there is a limit. Kittens can’t tolerate temperatures as low as 45 degrees Farhenheit and it is best to keep them as warm as possible.

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