Do Cats Fart Smell? (Explained)

Cats are just like any other animal when it comes to digesting food. The food goes into the digestive system and can cause bloating, gas, nausea, and/or other digestive issues depending on what they are eating and how much the cat is eating. Keeping this in mind, you may wonder, do cats fart smell?

A cat’s fart commonly does not have a strong smell but it depends on what they’ve consumed. When a cat has digestive issues, this can lead to bad-smelling gas, bloating, and/or general discomfort.

It’s highly recommended to visit a vet if your cat has a regular bout of flatulence that isn’t going away or is getting worse with each passing day!

Key factors include:

  • Types of Food
  • Age of the Cat
  • Frequency

When asking “Do cats fart smell?” most cats aren’t going to have bad-smelling farts. Instead, it is just going to be a subtle thing that doesn’t spread everywhere or become a nuisance.

However, there are times when a cat might fall ill and this can lead to terrible gas with a strong odor.

This article will answer “Do cats fart smell?” while also concentrating on how to prevent a cat’s smell from spreading throughout the room and house.

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Tips For Managing A Cat’s Fart Smell

1. Use an Odor Eliminator

If the cat is farting a lot, you will have to focus on the short-term solution first.

This includes getting rid of a cat’s fart smell from the room. By doing this, you are going to have a much easier time coming up with a viable solution for the long term.

In general, you should be going with a specialized cat odor spray for farts. This is going to make it easier to get rid of the cat’s fart odor inside the house without spending a lot of money.

A few sprays of the solution will go a long way especially if you choose the right one.

For those asking “Do cats fart smell?” and worried about the odor, it is best to start here. The average household should have this lying around for all types of cat odors including urine and farts.

It will provide peace of mind and you are going to know any bad-smelling fart won’t make it difficult to stay indoors!

do cats fart smell

2. Regulate Fiber Intake

When asking “Do cats fart smell?” you have to consider what is causing this to happen.

Sometimes, it has to do with the dietary intake of your cat. For example, you might be giving the cat a lot of fibrous foods that are going to make it gassy all the time.

Cats that have gas can sometimes not respond well to high-fiber foods and will have bad-smelling farts.

The average cat should be getting a protein-heavy diet and it is best to limit the amount of fiber that is going into their diet if it is leading to bloating/gas.

It is okay to reduce how much fiber they are eating if this is an issue.

Just a small reduction can go a long way in a case such as this. Assess the cat’s dietary intake and go from there. Add up all of the fiber they are eating regularly and begin to cut down on it.

The best approach is to reduce 20-30% of the fiber your cat is eating if possible.

do cats fart smell

3. Visit the Vet

There are times when asking “Do cats fart smell?” is more of a symptom-based proposition.

This means the issue has more to do with the cat having digestive issues that need medical treatment. A vet will have the ability to diagnose the cat’s gas and figure out what is the root cause.

Digestive issues are known for being a leading cause of bad fart smells when it comes to cats.

This is the best way to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

If your cat has digestive issues that are causing it to have smelly farts then you will want to start with professional guidance.

Related Questions

1. Why Do Cat’s Farts Smell So Bad?

A cat’s fart can smell bad when it’s suffering from an underlying digestive issue. In general, a cat’s fart does not smell and any odor is a sign of an undetected medical issue.

2. What Does A Cat Fart Smell Like?

A healthy cat’s fart is going to be rare and odorless. This means it is not going to be noticeable to a human nose. Only when a cat is unhealthy and/or dealing with a digestive issue that their farts begin to have a musty scent to it that’s easy to distinguish.

Final Thoughts

“Do cats fart smell?”

For the most parts, a cat’s fart will not smell. It is rare for them to fart and it is not going to spread easily.

The only time a cat’s farts will start to smell is when they are dealing with digestive issues. This can cause it to have an odd smell that’s easy to notice.

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