Do Kittens Move A Lot Before Birth? (And Why!)

It’s often assumed a human baby will move inside the womb and it’s something that is commonly known with pregnancy. However, this also makes you wonder about kittens inside a mother cat’s womb. What sort of behavior do they get up to in there? Do kittens move a lot before birth?

Kittens will start moving inside the womb after 30 days. This continues until birth and can ramp up significantly after day 50 of the pregnancy. This includes the kitten moving, tossing, and/or kicking depending on their positioning inside.

It’s important to soothe the mother cat if possible during this stage. It is common for the mother to lick herself in a bid to calm down from the movement.

Key factors include:

  • Size of the Litter
  • Timeline
  • Age of the Mother

You have to understand each pregnancy is different in cats. When asking “Do kittens move a lot before birth?” some situations are going to be far more unique than others.

For the most part, kittens aren’t going to move inside the womb until day 30. This is when subtle movement will take place and it might lead the mother to start licking herself.

It is important to take care of the mother during this stage to ensure she’s comfortable.

Here is more on the query “Do kittens move a lot before birth?” with an emphasis on understanding how a kitten moves inside the womb.

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Ways a Kitten Moves Inside The Womb

1. Tossing and Turning

A common movement that is seen with kittens in the womb has to do with turning or tossing.

This means they are going to be looking for new positioning inside the womb and that’s common with large-sized litters. This can cause the kittens to want to spread out a little bit and that is when the movement is going to take place.

It is not going to happen before day 30 but does become common after that point.

You can even notice a change in how the mother is behaving during this phase in the pregnancy. When asking “Do kittens move a lot before birth?” you will want to pay attention to this time during the timeline.

Any type of movement is possible but most kittens are just going to toss around inside. This will also lead the mother to start slowing down and trying to lick itself as a way to relax.

Do kittens move a lot before birth

2. Stretching

Just like tossing and turning is common with kittens in the womb, it is also possible for them to start stretching a little bit.

As they grow larger, the positioning inside the womb is not as comfortable.

This is why they will start to react differently to what is happening. It can include stretching as a kitten and trying to warm up the muscles a bit.

With larger litters, it is possible for a lot of jostling and stretching to take place including extending outwards.

This is not common but it does happen when tossing or turning.

They will stretch and it will be noticeable for the cat.

When asking “Do kittens move a lot before birth?”, you should look into this detail because it is these types of subtle movements that become normalized after day 30.

Do kittens move a lot before birth

3. Kicking

This is often seen during the final days of pregnancy.

Kittens aren’t going to be strong enough to start vigorously kicking inside the womb and most won’t do it all. However, it is possible for a bit of kicking to take place during the final days of pregnancy.

It is common for kittens to start kicking inside the womb after day 50 and the mother will notice it immediately.

This can also be a sign that birth is about to take place.

Most mother cats will calm down and find a place to give birth at this stage. It is a natural reaction to the additional movement that is taking place.

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Final Thoughts

“Do kittens move a lot before birth?”

Kittens do move before birth but it usually takes place after day 30 until birth.

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