Do Kittens Know When To Stop Eating? (And What To Feed Them!)

Kittens will often spend time nursing from their mother but what about eating solid food? Yes, kittens will get to a stage in their lives when it’s time to transition over to solid food. This can include switching between nursing and eating after turning 4 weeks old. Keeping this in mind, you will wonder, do kittens know when to stop eating?

No, kittens don’t know when to stop eating and can easily overeat if left to make their own decisions. It’s recommended to control their portions or they might gain a tremendous amount of weight over a short period.

In the wild, a lot of the portions are naturally controlled as the mother can only provide so much food to the litter. However, this changes with an indoor kitten because you do have the ability to provide quite a bit of cat food at once if necessary.

Key factors include:

  • Portion Control
  • Type of Food
  • Age of the Kitten

It is recommended to go through and set controlled portions for the young cat. This will ensure the kitten eats the right way and doesn’t end up in a situation where it continues to rapidly gain weight.

Most kittens don’t need a lot of food to thrive and anything more than this is unnecessary. Stick to regular portions and go from there.

This article will help answer “Do kittens know when to stop eating?” while focusing on what to give to a kitten along with how to manage a kitten’s portions.

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Tips On How To Stop Kittens From Overeating

1. Use Controlled Portions

Portions are a must.

You shouldn’t have a situation where the kitten has a free-for-all when it comes to feedings. This is when the kitten is going to go crazy and start eating as much as it can.

You simply don’t want the situation to get to the stage where the kitten decides how much to eat. Instead, you only want to put enough food for the kitten to enjoy its meal and stay full.

As long as you do this, the kitten won’t gain weight and it will stay healthy too.

This is key when asking “Do kittens know when to stop eating?” because it is quite easy for a kitten to keep eating as much as it wants!

You never want a situation where you test the kitten on this. They will keep eating and it is going to lead to unnecessary issues with their digestive system and/or weight.

do kittens know when to stop eating

2. Find Nutrient-Dense Foods

You will also have to look at offering valuable foods that are good for the kitten’s growth.

For example, you will want to look for specialized kitten food that is easy to digest and full of key nutrients. This is the best way to keep the kitten as healthy as you want it to be.

Kitten food is great as it is specialized for young cats and tends to be packed with quality nutrients that are ideal for the kitten’s formative years.

When asking “Do kittens know when to stop eating?” you also want to think about dense foods in terms of how they fill a kitten’s belly.

This will keep them happy and not looking for another food source after eating their meal.

do kittens know when to stop eating

3. Keep Track of the Kitten’s Weight

Are you taking the time to record the kitten’s weight?

Think about this while figuring things out. If not, you will have a situation where the kitten’s weight isn’t in control and continues to ascend to unreasonable heights!

Always jot down what the kitten’s weight is and keep track of how it’s doing. If it is trending down then you might have to add a few calories while the opposite happens if it is skyrocketing.

Based on modern studies, the average weight of a healthy kitten is 4-6 ounces.

Even a weekly weigh-in is more than enough.

This will allow you to see whether or not there are unreasonable increases in the kitten’s weight.

Related Questions

1. Can A Kitten Eat Too Much?

Yes, a kitten can eat too much if left to decide on its own. This can cause weight gain, constipation, and/or other health issues.

2. How Many Hours Should A Kitten Eat?

It’s recommended to feed kittens every 2-3 hours. They require approximately 2 ounces of formula per 4 ounces of bodyweight. This ratio ensures the kitten gets a healthy amount to grow and stay fit.

Final Thoughts

“Do kittens know when to stop eating?”

Kittens will not know when to stop eating and can continue to do so if allowed to do so. You will have to regulate their portions to avoid dealing with excess weight gain.

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