How To Train An Outdoor Cat To Stay Home (And What Works Best!)

Some cats love being outdoors. It’s natural to them and it keeps the cat happy. However, if you are looking to enjoy the cat’s company and want it to stay safe indoors, you will consider getting it to stay home. There are several ways of doing this as you learn how to train an outdoor cat to stay home.

The best ways to train an outdoor cat to stay home involves using outdoor-like stimulants such as fake mice, natural foods, and/or organic snacks.

This will cause the outdoor cat to realize staying home isn’t so bad after all!

Key factors include:

  • Age of the Cat
  • Dietary Intake
  • Bond with You

When learning how to train an outdoor cat to stay home, you have to realize it’s all about creating a welcoming environment for the cat.

As long as you do this, the cat is going to be more eager to stay indoors naturally. The average cat just prefers doing what works best for its living situation and that is why focusing on that works.

This article will teach you how to train an outdoor cat to stay home safely and what to consider during the process.

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Tips on How To Train An Outdoor Cat To Stay Home

1. Use Moving Toys

What do outdoor cats loving doing the most?

They hunt and chase after different types of prey. It’s just a natural instinct and something they enjoy doing even if they are not hungry.

As a result, you will want to mimic some of this indoors allowing the cat to realize fun can be had inside the house. A lot of outdoor cats will respond well to this type of fun at home.

For example, as you figure out how to train an outdoor cat to stay home, you will want to start incorporating movement-based toys that cause the cat to run after something.

A few cat toys that work well include fake mice and/or laser pointers.

This can get the outdoor cat excited as it runs around trying to chase what is in front of it. Take the time to implement this into the outdoor cat’s routine so it can enjoy its time indoors. After a while, the cat is going to learn coming home is worth it.

how to train an outdoor cat to stay home

2. Use Organic Foods

When figuring out how to train an outdoor cat to stay home, you also have to think about the cat’s dietary intake.

There is nothing worse than choosing the wrong foods as that can do more harm than good. For example, if the outdoor cat is finding better food outdoors, you are going to hate the results.

It is a lot smarter to focus on choosing organic foods that work well such as high-quality meat sources.

Outdoor cats are motivated by food and giving them high-quality organic food is a great step in motivating them to stay indoors more.

Outdoor cats will respond well to high-grade meals.

This is a must when you are learning how to train an outdoor cat to stay home. It will go a long way in enjoying what your cat is eating.

how to train an outdoor cat to stay home

3. Create a Stronger Bond

It is the bond that is going to matter in the end.

If the outdoor cat enjoys meeting and spending time with you, they are going to be far more likely to want to stay home. Otherwise, the outdoor cat is always going to be clawing at the door trying to get out.

There has to be a way to connect and that is by spending time with the outdoor cat.

Outdoor cats that bond with humans are far more likely to find their way back home to their “family” in comparison to those who don’t.

The more you bond with the cat, the better it’s going to react to any training method you implement.

Over time, the outdoor cat is going to come home on its own and stay for longer durations.

Related Questions

1. How Do I Stop My Outdoor Cat From Running Away?

The best way to stop an outdoor cat from running away is to set up a cat door, install a pet gate, and ensure the indoor environment is alluring for the cat. This includes cat toys, food, and its bond with you.

2. Can You Train A Cat To Stay In Your Yard?

It is difficult to train a cat to stay in the yard without a purposeful barrier. This can include an outdoor gate or fence that ensures the cat can’t leave.

Final Thoughts

These tips should help as you learn how to train an outdoor cat to stay home.

Focus on creating foundational changes that will go a long way in keeping the outdoor cat happy. This includes the food it is eating, the toys it is playing with, and how you bond with the outdoor cat.

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