How To Tell If A Kitten Is Dying? (And What To Look For!)

It’s not pleasant to think about. A lot of cat owners want their kittens to live healthy, fulfilling lives that are full of joy. However, there are times when it might not be possible for the kitten to live for a long time and there are several reasons for this happening. As a result, you will want to learn how to tell if a kitten is dying correctly.

A kitten is likely ill and/or dying if it’s cold to the touch, showing extreme signs of fatigue, and/or breathing heavily with its mouth open.

It’s common for kittens to rapidly grow during this time in their lives but some will struggle. This can cause them to stop eating and/or complete basics tasks that would be required of them during their earlier weeks.

Key factors:

  • Body Temperature
  • Energy Levels
  • Breathing

These three factors will matter the most as you learn how to tell if a kitten is dying.

If you take the time to pay attention to how the kitten is doing, it will become a lot easier to seek medical assistance. For the most part, a kitten shouldn’t be cold to the touch and/or breathing heavily. If it is, you will need to speak to a vet immediately.

This might be a sign that something is amiss with your young cat!

This guide on how to tell if a kitten is dying will teach you the main signs of a kitten dying. If you pay attention to these signs, you will have the opportunity of saving its life.

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Key Signs To Look For When a Kitten Is Dying

1. Cold Body Temperature

You will want to start by holding the kitten in your arms and touching its body at different pulse points.

The idea is to look for whether or not its temperature is at a healthy level. For example, you will want to touch its belly, armpits, and/or groin area to see how its body temperature is.

If it is cold to the touch and/or clammy then you might have a dying kitten in your hands.

This makes it important to seek immediate medical assistance to save the kitten’s life. If not, your kitten will likely pass away as its body temperature continues to decline.

It is in the kitten’s best interest to have a complete checkup when this occurs.

how to tell if a kitten is dying

2. Labored Breathing

When learning how to tell if a kitten is dying, you will want to look at the kitten’s breathing.

If the kitten regularly has its mouth opening and is breathing heavily then it might not be getting enough oxygen to sustain life. This can lead to the kitten eventually fainting and/or not being able to move the way it needs to.

This is a serious concern and might be a sign the kitten is unwell and unfit to move.

A cat that is breathing heavily will likely start to slow down after a few days and refuse to move at all.

You will need a vet to examine the kitten to see whether or not it is healthy.

If you don’t do this, it might get to the point where the cat is unable to move the way it needs to and will eventually refuse to do anything.

how to tell if a kitten is dying

3. Extreme Fatigue

To figure out how to tell if a kitten is dying, you will want to pay attention to the kitten’s energy levels.

For example, is the kitten refusing to eat? Is the kitten not moving the way it needs to during the day?

This can become a serious sign of concern because kittens do have energy as they continue to grow. If it is heading in the wrong direction then the kitten is likely sick.

Kittens can start to fatigue when they’re dying to the point it becomes difficult for them to eat and/or move around.

Continue to learn how to tell if a kitten is dying by paying attention to this sign.

Low energy levels in a kitten isn’t a good thing and it should be investigated in detail by a vet.

Related Questions

1. How Long Does It Take For A Kitten To Die?

It takes the average dying kitten to pass away within the first eight weeks of its life. This is a crucial stage in the kitten’s development and some will pass away before getting to that ninth week.

2. Is It Common For Kittens To Die?

Yes, it is common for kittens to die due to their fragile state. Even in perfect breeding conditions, it’s possible for a kitten to pass away due to genetic predisposition and/or uncontrollable birthing issues.

Final Thoughts

This is how to tell if a kitten is dying at home.

Whether it is extreme fatigue, labored breathing, and/or being cold to the touch, these are all common signs of a kitten that’s dying.

Look out for these signs and you will have a chance of saving the kitten’s life.

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