At What Age Do Male Cats Calm Down?

Male cats can have a considerable amount of energy in their youth. This can cause them to dart around, show aggression, and/or become difficult to handle without appropriate training. Due to this, you will often wonder more about their temperament and when they will start to ease up. You will even ask, at what age do male cats calm down?

The average male cat will become to calm down after they turn 2 years old. Their hormones begin to settle and this can help ease their aggression and/or unrelenting energy levels.

It’s important to understand each cat is unique and there are several factors that play a role in whether or not they remain calm.

Key factors include:

  • Neutered Or Not
  • Breed
  • Environmental Stimulants

When asking “At what age do male cats calm down?” you have to understand nothing happens in a vacuum. It will take time for things to develop but most male cats will see a decrease in their aggression and/or energy levels naturally.

The best way to regulate a male cat’s energy is to look at the factors listed above. This can help play around with what’s stimulating them.

This article will dive deeper into the query “At what age do male cats calm down?” with an eye towards figuring out what the key factors are to help a male cat calm down.

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Key Factors That Impact Male Cat’s Calmness

1. Neutering

This is a simple factor that does play a role.

If a male cat is neutered, it’s not going to have the same energy levels as it would pre-neutering. This is the way biology works and it would have an impact on their overall temperament.

Some male cats are naturally calm, but neutering has a more well-rounded impact on all male cats.

This is something cat owners will do to avoid breeding but it does have other effects including how calm a male cate is during the day.

If your male cat is going to be neutered soon then it will likely have a dip in its activity levels. This includes how aggressive it is at different points of the day.

For those asking “At what age do male cats calm down?” this is a good place to start.

It is an adjustment that will work for the most part.

at what age do male cats calm down

2. Environmental Stimulants

There are stimulants in a cat’s living environment that will impact their energy levels.

For example, it could be specific animals that are in their environment (i.e. mice). It could be potential foods that are given to them.

It can even include the number of humans that are present inside a house during the day!

It doesn’t matter what the stimulant is but some will cause the male cat to become aggressive and/or physically active.

Cats that are kept in stimulant-heavy environments might not stay calm for long periods and this can cause them to become aggressive.

By removing some of these environmental stimulants, you can begin to reel back the male cat’s energy levels a bit.

It might not work right away but it will add to the natural age-related decline that happens as a male cat begins to relax.

at what age do male cats calm down

3. Breed

When asking “At what age do male cats calm down?” you will have to look at the basics.

This includes the male cat’s breed.

Some cat breeds are known to be more active and aggressive. While this doesn’t mean all cats from this breed are going to be like that, but a majority are.

Cats such as the maine coon, siamese, and sphynx can start to show signs of extreme energy levels making them harder to calm down at a young age.

Look into your cat and see whether it’s breed is known to calm down at a certain age.

Some will have specific ages that tends to relax the cat. However, the average male cat will definitely start to ease up after 2-3 years of age.

Related Questions

1. Will My Male Kitten Calm Down?

Yes, the average male kitten will calm down after the age of 2-3. This can be impacted by the cat’s breed, environment, and/or neutering.

2. Will Male Cats Get Calmer After Being Neutered?

Yes, the average male cat becomes significantly calmer after being neutered. This is due to the impact this procedure has on a male cat’s hormones.

Final Thoughts

“At what age do male cats calm down?”

Most male cats begin to relax after the age of 2-3. They become more assured of their surroundings and ease into their schedule.

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