1 Year Vs 3 Year Rabies Vaccine For Cats (And Which One To Use!)

Getting the rabies vaccine for cats is essential. It provides a long list of benefits and is a pre-requisite to owning a cat in many states. This is why you will have to do your homework and compare the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats.

When it comes to the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats, it’s recommended to go with the 3 year vaccine. Both offer the same list of advantages, so it’s better to go with the longer-lasting option.

This is an important decision and should be made with care. Take the time to look at what type of rabies vaccine you are getting for your cat because there are different options available.

Key factors:

  • Age of the Cat
  • Availability of the Vaccine
  • Type of Vaccine

As you compare the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats, you will realize it is best to find the right type of vaccine before anything else.

The market is flooded with vaccines that are not good for cats and that defeats the purpose of getting this type of vaccine. You will want to ensure the cat is safe at all times and that is why your choice here makes a real difference.

This article will look at comparing the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats, while assessing which one is the right vaccine for your cat.

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Comparing 1 Year Vs 3 Year Rabies Vaccine for Cats

1. Duration

This is the most obvious difference between the two vaccines for cats.

The 1-year vaccine for cats is specifically designed to be a good, short-term variation. This was the first type of vaccine released for cats when looking to control rabies.

However, this also means it is starting to become outdated when compared to new additions to the world of vaccines. Vets are often pointing towards the longer-lasting 3 year rabies vaccine because it does the same thing for a longer period.

If the goal is to protect the cat and everyone else for a long time, this is a no-brainer for those ready to pay the difference.

For a lot of cat owners, the price point will make a difference but it is still important to keep the duration in mind. This is key when comparing the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats.

1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats

2. Cost

As mentioned before, the cost does play a role.

Since the 3 year rabies vaccine for cats is newer, it is also going to cost more. A lot of the time, this tends to cost at least 2-3x more than the traditional 1 year vaccine.

This is something to account for when you are on a budget.

Most vets will move towards a one year vaccine to help save on costs making it important to account for this choice beforehand by speaking to them.

If you are thinking about the price of the rabies vaccine, you will want to start with the basics.

Take the time to reach out to your vet and ensure they are using the right brand. The brand should be fully vetted and have a clear track record of excellence. This is a bare minimum!

1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats

3. Recombitant Technology

When comparing the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats, you will want to look at the underlying technology behind the vaccines.

Newer technology is now focused on recombitant vaccines.

This means vaccines that are going to have a reduced list of side effects due to their ability to interact with the recipient’s DNA.

Recombitant technology in vaccines is designed to make the process safer and helps avoid damaging side effects including cancer in cats.

This technology is proven for delivering results and has been out since 2001.

This is key when comparing the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats.

Related Questions

1. Is The 3 Year Rabies Vaccine Safe For Cats?

Yes, the 3 year rabies vaccine is safe for cats and is recommended by vets. It provides long-lasting protection and is ideal due to its recombinant technology. This means it has reduced side effects and is perfect for all cat breeds.

2. Does Rabies Vaccine Laster Longer Than 3 Years?

It is possible for a rabies vaccine to last longer than 3 years. However, most states have a mandatory requirement when it comes to keeping the pet vaccinated at all times.

Final Thoughts

This comparison of the 1 year vs 3 year rabies vaccine for cats should go a long way in making the decision simpler.

For most people, the 1 year vaccine is a good, cost-effective option.

However, it is still recommended to go with the 3 year rabies vaccine as it will simply last longer while offering similar benefits.

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