Why Do Cats Clean Themselves Before They Sleep?

Cats are sometimes obsessive about keeping themselves clean. This is a part of their complex grooming schedule that can involve licking their fur and making sure everything is well-groomed. It can also lead to specific patterns emerging as time goes on. You may even wonder, why do cats clean themselves before they sleep?

Cats clean themselves before they sleep to remove dirt or debris that’s accumulated throughout the day. Most cats will want to keep themselves clean and doing it before they sleep ensures they can get a good night’s rest without feeling dirty.

It’s important to note each cat is unique in this regard.

Some will only clean themselves during the day while others are going to have strict routines where they groom themselves right before bed.

Key factors include:

  • General Environment
  • Preference for Patterns
  • Sleeping Spot

A cat that wants to keep its sleeping area clean will prefer to groom beforehand. This can play a role in answering your question regarding “Why do cats clean themselves before they sleep?”

It’s similar to a human wanting to remove dirt on their body before sleeping on the bed. You don’t want that dirt to spread throughout the sleeping spot!

The same applies for cats as they will prefer to keep that part of their living environment as clean as possible. It’s the same reason they will refuse to relieve themselves where they sleep unless forced to do so.

Here is more on the question “Why do cats clean themselves before they sleep?” with an eye towards understanding what goes into a cat grooming itself before resting.

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Reasons Cats Clean Themselves Before Sleeping

1. Keeps the Sleeping Area Clean

The main reason for a lot of cats has to do with wanting to keep the sleeping area tidy.

They don’t want to rest in a pile of dirt and will want to ensure the area is as clean as possible. This isn’t always possible in the wild but it’s something they prefer to do when given the chance.

Pet cats will often do this when it comes to their bed.

If it is possible, they will look to groom themselves and make sure their fur is as clean as possible before laying down on the cat bed.

why do cats clean themselves before they sleep

2. General Habit From Young Age

For those wondering “Why do cats clean themselves before they sleep?” you have to think about a cat’s life as a whole.

They will grow up being groomed by their mother and that is something that will pass onto them moving forward. It is a part of who they are and that will always matter when it comes to specific habits that develop with time.

If they liked being groomed before bed, they will continue this on their own.

Some cats are known to retain specific habits from a young age including when their mother used to groom them before going to sleep.

You will often notice cats continue specific patterns in almost everything they do.

This includes what they eat, how they play, and of course what they do before going to bed at night.

why do cats clean themselves before they sleep

3. Environmental Factors

This is going to depend on where the cat lives.

For example, let’s assume a cat lives in a dirty area that has dust flying all over the place. In a situation such as this, the cat will want to groom itself regularly including before going to bed.

While a cat that lives indoors in a clean house is going to choose specific moments to clean itself. This includes doing it right before bed or early in the morning.

Cats that spend a lot of time in dirtier environments with a lot of dust or dirt will often groom themselves multiple times during the day and night including before sleeping.

You can start to pick up on these things when asking “Why do cats clean themselves before they sleep?”

The cat is going to follow set patterns especially as a pet and will react to the environment around it. This includes where it rests.

Related Questions

1. Why Do Cats Clean Themselves In Front Of You?

Cats clean themselves in front of you to display affection and comfort. It shows they are willing to focus on grooming themselves in your presence rather than having their guard up. Many cats will also come up to you to groom your hair or skin from time to time.

2. Do Cats Really Get Clean When They Lick Themselves?

Yes, cats have the ability to pick out trapped dirt with their strong teeth and tongue. This ensures they can get rid of surface-level debris that settles into their fur.

Final Thoughts

“Why do cats clean themselves before they sleep?”

Cats have habits that develop at an early age and this includes grooming themselves in front of you. Cats want to keep their sleeping area as clean as possible, which requires grooming themselves.

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