Why Is My Cat Freaking Out For No Reason? (And How To Help!)

There are times when you are going to wonder what’s got into your cat. It might happen randomly and is going to leave you worried about the cat’s well-being. However, the best course of action during this stage is to have a plan. This includes asking, why is my cat freaking out for no reason?

Cats will freak out for no reason when they’re startled, anxious, and/or dealing with medical distress. This will vary depending on the cat and its situation.

The best approach is to focus on what has triggered the cat’s response. Did it happen randomly? Did it occur when a loud noise filled the room?

Key factors:

  • General Anxiety
  • Medical Distress
  • Environmental Fears

With situations such as this, you are going to want to look at your cat. This means paying attention to its behavior and what has caused the “freak out” to take place.

Just having this type of information will go a long way in answering the question “Why is my cat freaking out for no reason?”

Whether it has to do with medical distress or anxiety, you should take the time to find a solution. This is not something to get used to and pretend will go away on its own!

This article will look at the question “Why is my cat freaking out for no reason?” while also shedding light on how to help a cat that is panicking.

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Tips On How To Help A Cat That’s Freaking Out

1. Calm the Cat

When a cat freaks out, it’s important to stick to the basics.

This means taking the time to calm the cat before looking at the root cause. This includes giving the cat a treat, finding its favorite toy, and/or just using a soothing voice.

This can go a long way in keeping the cat calm as it is freaking out.

When asking “Why is my cat freaking out for no reason?” it’s important to remain calm yourself. It is easy to panic and not know what to do when your cat is hyper. This is the wrong response because it won’t help and will only worsen the cat’s response!

Stay calm and just look to soothe the cat with your voice and presence.

why is my cat freaking out for no reason

2. Remove the Trigger

Is there a potential trigger that has caused this type of reaction?

You will want to immediately get rid of the trigger if possible. Some cats are scared of loud noises and that is possible if you are watching TV and have the volume up. They might also be scared of another animal that has just entered the room.

It doesn’t matter what the trigger is, but you will have to find a way to train the cat to remain calm in those situations. This will take time, so for the short-term it is better to just remove the trigger from the area.

Triggers can include potential sounds and/or movements that will cause a cat to become anxious. It’s best to get rid of these triggers if possible.

This should help calm the cat and help it relax a bit.

When you find the trigger, this will help answer “Why is my cat freaking out for no reason?” right away. From this point forward, you will have to come up with a plan to train the cat to relax when that trigger happens.

why is my cat freaking out for no reason

3. Visit the Vet

Anyone asking “Why is my cat freaking out for no reason?” has to think about the cat’s health.

Is the cat dealing with an infection or an underlying medical disease?

If so, you will want the vet to take a look as soon as possible!

Medical distress can cause a cat to start panicking due to the underlying symptoms that are bothering it. This can include disorientation depending on what the root cause is.

Just going to the vet is a great way to rule out potential issues that are bothering the cat.

This is often the case because some issues will lead the cat to panic or freak out.

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Final Thoughts

“Why is my cat freaking out for no reason?”

It’s best to help a cat that’s freaking out by finding something that calms it down. This can include a favorite toy or treat. The reason for a cat freaking out tends to involve anxiety, fear, or a medical issue.

Each situation is unique, so it is in your best interest to focus on calming the cat first.

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