Why Is My Cat Drooling And Not Eating? (Thoroughly Explained!)

Cats that start drooling and not eating is a serious point of concern. You will want to find an immediate solution and rightly so. In a situation such as this, you will want to pay attention to the cat’s overall mannerisms especially if you’re asking “Why is my cat drooling and not eating?”

A cat can start drooling and not eating when it’s dealing with an infection and/or has had a poor response to medication. This is an urgent matter and should be diagnosed by a medical professional immediately.

If your cat is drooling to a great extent, it might be suffering with a significant issue that needs to be treated medically.

Key factors include:

  • Amount of Drool
  • General Mannerisms
  • Medication History

When you are assessing a cat’s health, you can often pay attention to what they’re doing during the day. If you have a cat that’s making you wonder “Why is my cat drooling and not eating?” then this is a problem that’s likely getting out of control.

Do not wait around and hope it will get better!

You will have to take the time out to visit a vet. They will assess everything and make sure the cat is in good health or is receiving appropriate treatment for the condition before it spirals out of control.

This article is going to look at providing a detailed answer on what to do in a situation such as this. You will find the answer to “Why is my cat drooling and not eating?” along with additional information on what not to do.

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Tips To Follow If Your Cat Is Drooling And Not Eating

1. Visit a Vet Immediately

This has to be a top priority!

Anyone asking “Why is my cat drooling and not eating?” needs to understand the severity of this matter. It is not something to take lightly and could be a sign your cat is in grave danger.

This is a common response to infections and/or other serious health problems. Letting this continue for too long may put your cat in harm’s way!

Your number one goal should be to book an appointment with your vet and have them check your cat as soon as possible. It should happen the same day.

The vet will shed light on what needs to happen and what the main issue is.

why is my cat drooling and not eating

2. Check Medications (If Any)

You will have to check the medications your cat is taking right away.

This includes assessing any changes that have been made to the cat’s environment and/or food intake.

The reason for doing this is to know more about what the cat is dealing with each day. The more information you have, the easier it is to make a diagnosis for your vet.

Certain medications can lead to unwanted side effects including a cat drooling excessively to the point it can’t eat properly.

Record all of these details down on paper and take the medication(s) with you.

By doing this, you will have a better understanding of what the problem is.

why is my cat drooling and not eating

3. Soothe the Cat

This is a key step for those asking “Why is my cat drooling and not eating?” especially at a time when your cat is panicked.

A lot of cats will start yowling and/or running around in a state of confusion. While others may rest in one spot and refuse to do anything.

Both are serious signs of trouble.

Cats can be in a state of discomfort and panic during this stage. It’s recommended to calm them down with a soothing voice while taking them to a vet for further diagnosis.

Look to soothe your cat to the best of your ability.

Each cat is different when it comes to how they are soothed but your goal should be to work with what your cat needs in that situation.

Related Questions

1. Why Is My Cat Drooling All Of A Sudden?

Cats can start drooling all of a sudden when they are overheated, injured, and/or are dealing with an infection. It’s best to have a vet diagnose the cat after running them through a series of tests.

2. Why Is My Cat Suddenly Not Eating?

Cats can suddenly stop eating when they are dealing with pain, fatigue, and/or are anxious of their surroundings. This can occur when a cat has changed houses and/or a new cat is introduced into the home. It can also be a sign of digestive issues that need to be treated immediately.

Final Thoughts

“Why is my cat drooling and not eating?”

A cat that is drooling and not eating is a cause for concern.

Yes, cats drool but when it gets to the point they can’t eat, it is time to visit a vet right away.

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