Why Does My Cat Stand Up When I Pet Her?

It can be fascinating to see your cat behave in a specific way when you pet them. This doesn’t happen randomly and there is always a reason why a cat behaves the way it does. This is why you may end up wondering, why does my cat stand up when I pet her?

A cat can stand up when you pet them as a sign of happiness and pleasure. This is a common physical response to display trust and contentment by cats.

If this is something your cat is doing then it has developed a positive bond with your touch and presence. This is a great sign and it is something to be proud of!

Key factors include:

  • Bond with the Cat
  • Time Spent Together
  • General Personality

There are some cats that will quickly bond with humans even if they have only known them for a bit. This is normal as each cat is going to have a unique personality. Over time, a lot of cats will do this when you pet them because they trust your touch.

When you ask “Why does my cat stand up when I pet her?” you have to realize a cat is going to show other signs of being happy with you.

This can include wanting to always be in your presence and following you around for pets.

This article will look to focus on the question “Why does my cat stand up when I pet her?” while also paying attention to the reasons for a cat standing up when you pet them.

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Reasons Why Cats Stand Up When Petted

1. Sign of Trust

It is all about trust with cats.

You will have to earn a cat’s trust or they are going to be hesitant around you. However, when a cat starts to bond with you, they will be more than happy to have you in their personal space.

They will let you pet them and that is when you are going to get this sort of response!

You may even end up asking “Why does my cat stand up when I pet her?” because you will be surprised as to why the cat is behaving in this manner.

It is normal and it is something you should be happy with as it shows your relationship is progressing.

why does my cat stand up when i pet her

2. Display Happiness

Cats will love showing they are happy.

Some cats will do this by wagging their tail against your body while others are going to get up when you pet them.

Each cat is unique but that is what makes them brilliant pets. They will show their personality and will be more than happy to let you know when they are satisfied with your presence. This is one of those ways.

Cats will often raise their rear end when they are showing signs of pleasure and happiness especially when being petted by a human.

If you notice the cat is happy, it is okay to keep petting them.

This is something you are going to learn with time and that is why it’s great to ask questions such as “Why does my cat stand up when I pet her?” while learning.

It will help you get used to how the cat responds when petted.

why does my cat stand up when i pet her

3. General Pleasure

Cats are going to derive pleasure from being petted.

This is something that is natural in a lot of animals and the same applies to cats. They are going to have those pleasure points that will feel great when you pet them.

Most cats will have a spot or two that will get this type of response out of them because it is a pleasure point for them and satisfying.

If you know what those points are, you are going to keep the cat happy for a long time!

This is why it is smart to ask “Why does my cat stand up when I pet her?” because you will now know what to look out for.

Related Questions

1. What Does It Mean When A Cat Stands Up?

Cats will often stand up on their hind legs as a scare tactic. It makes them appear bigger to a threat and that is their natural way of protecting themselves against a perceived threat.

2. Why Won’t My Cat Sit Still When I Pet Her?

Cats that can’t sit still when you pet them may be suffering from anxiety and/or aren’t comfortable with your touch. This can cause them to walk away from you as soon as you pet them.

Final Thoughts

“Why does my cat stand up when I pet her?”

A cat that stands up when you pet them likely appreciates the touch and wants more. They will do this and raise their rear end when it is pleasurable.

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