Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water? (And Why Not!)

Water is often an under-appreciated part of a cat’s diet. It’s an essential component of life and one that has to be available for a cat to live. This is why it becomes important to focus on the type of water your cat drinks every day and whether or not it’s safe. This includes asking, can cats drink alkaline water?

Cats should not drink alkaline water especially after eating a meal. The alkaline water will have a negative effect on the cat’s natural digestive acids leading to difficulty digesting food.

It’s recommended to find natural water sources for cats that haven’t been tampered with.

Key factors include:

  • Type of Water
  • Cat’s Digestive Health
  • Filtration Setup

A lot of cat owners can get away with using regular drinking water sources. This is great but alkaline water is not recommended as it will harm the cat’s digestive system in most situations.

The simple rule is to give the cat water you are going to be drinking. This should be water that doesn’t have contaminants and/or additional chemicals.

In this article, you are going to learn the nuances of giving water to cat along with a detailed look at the question “Can cats drink alkaline water?”

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Reasons Cats Can’t Drink Alkaline Water

1. High pH Level

The main issue has to do with the pH levels in alkaline water.

This doesn’t bode well for a cat’s natural pH levels inside the digestive system. When the two interact, it can lead to serious concerns about the cat’s health.

The cat will find it difficult to digest food and it will become increasingly challenging after a meal. This is why giving a cat alkaline water after a meal is a no-no.

This will do a lot of harm and it can cause significant digestive issues for the cat.

You should take the time to look at what the cat is drinking and look for regular water sources. These are water sources that haven’t had their pH levels changed and/or impacted.

By going with the right type of water for your cat, it will lead a healthier life and it’s digestive system will continue to churn along as required.

Can cats drink alkaline water

2. Harms the Digestive System

When asking “Can cats drink alkaline water?” you will have to think about the cat’s digestive system both in the short and long term.

A lot of cat owners will go through the motions when it comes to giving water to a cat. This includes just assuming all water sources are good for the feline.

Unfortunately, this is untrue and alkaline water will harm a cat more than you think!

It is essential to avoid giving alkaline water to a cat so it stays healthy. This includes both before and/or after a meal. If you do this, the digestive system will act up and there will be several symptoms to deal with as a result.

Cats can become nauseous and/or begin vomiting due to their digestive health getting impacted by the alkaline water. This is what makes it dangerous and unsafe for cats.

It is in your cat’s best interest to stick to other water sources.

Alkaline water is going to do more harm than good throughout the cat’s body. This includes not only the digestive system but other aspects of the cat’s health.

Can cats drink alkaline water

3. Difficult to Process

You will have to realize a cat’s digestive system isn’t the only factor in all of this.

The entire body has to process water and that won’t happen as easily when you give alkaline water to a pet cat. What is going to happen is the cat will start to become sluggish and won’t want to move.

This also includes the cat not wanting to eat any longer due to the feeling of the food not being digested properly.

A cat’s body will have trouble dealing with a large amount of alkaline water and this can lead to digestive issues along with general fatigue.

As you can imagine, this can lead to a troubling situation where the cat isn’t healthy and it doesn’t want to eat.

Since the cat needs water, it will continue to drink the alkaline water until it starts to fall ill.

Related Questions

1. What pH Water Should Cats Drink?

It’s recommended to give cats pH water between 6.2 and 6.4. This is ideal for a cat’s digestive system and surrounding organs ensuring it can digest meals without trouble. Anything outside this range will lead to an onset of symptoms including fatigue, nausea, and/or constipation.

2. What is the Best Water for Cats To Drink?

The best water for cats to drink is spring or tap water. These are the purest sources of water and offer the right pH level for a cat’s digestive system.

Final Thoughts

“Can cats drink alkaline water?”

Cats should not be drinking alkaline water. Instead, it is better to give a cat tap or spring water at home. This will do well for their long term health and make sure they don’t have to deal with unwanted symptoms.

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