Can I Give My Dog a Higher Dose of Heartgard?

Treating heartworms in dogs requires attention to detail, a good understanding of what works, and the right dose of Heartgard. This is where a lot of dog owners struggle because you may not know whether or not a specific dose of Heartgard is safe for your dog. As a result, it is best to ask, Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard?

It is okay to increase the dose of heartgard incrementally depending on the dog’s reaction to it. Since this is specifically produced for dogs, it requires a substantial amount to cause side effects.

Please note, it is always recommended to speak to a vet when it comes to giving Heartgard to a dog to treat heartworms.

They will have a better read on your dog’s medical history and potential concerns that have to be kept in mind. As a result, speaking to them is always a smart idea.

The benefits of Heartgard include:

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Results
  • Safe for Dogs

When treating heartworms in dogs, the goal is to act fast. This is why you are going to ask, “Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard?” as soon as you begin the process.

In general, Heartgard is great for dogs and will help treat heartworms.

It’s simply important to increase the dosage slowly and see how your dog responds. For the average case, your dog is going to be okay and the results will be in line with what you expect.

Here is more on the query, “Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard?” while looking at how to use Heartgard for your dog at home.

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Tips on Using Heartgard for Dogs

1. Start with the Recommended Dosage

Start with the recommended dosage.

This also depends on your dog’s size, which has to be taken into account when using something like this. You will want to take a step back, read the instructions, and go from there.

This will ensure Heartgard works as it is supposed to for your dog.

In general, it’s recommended to start with one capsule per month. This is going to be more than enough for the average dog and will let you see whether or not it is working.

If you believe it is not having the effect that’s required, you can increase the dose slightly to see if it works.

Once again, always take the time to speak to a vet when it comes to changing the dosage.

Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard

2. Gradually Increase the Dosage

When asking “Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard?” you will have to gradually increase the dosage.

This means giving 1/2 of a capsule on top of what was already given. This is going to be a “Gradual” increase that is in line with what you should be doing witih your dog.

Some dog owners will look to go with a 100% increase and add another capsule. This is okay but it is better to start with a 50% increase.

It’s best to make gradual increases in how much Heartgard is given to a dog to ensure they are not being overwhelmed by the medication.

This will be good enough to see results.

You have to start slow as each dog is going to be different. It is always easier to increase the dosage in comparison to tapering down due to potential side effects.

Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard

3. Make Sure the Medicine Isn’t Expired

If you are wondering “Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard?” it is important to think about the expiry date.

This is just as important as anything else during the process.

A lot of dog owners make this mistake especially if they have left the heartworm medicine for dogs lying around the house for a long time.

Make sure to check the expiration date right away.

Many cases associated with heartworm medication and dogs tend to involve expired medication, which should be checked in advance by you.

This is something you should be doing with anything that is given to the dog.

It is possible the medication will not work and/or lead to side effects if it has expired. This is why you should take the time to look at the expiry date right away.

Final Thoughts

Can I give my dog a higher dose of Heartgard?

There is nothing wrong with gradually increasing the dose of Heartgard given to a dog. It is important to do this in small amounts to ensure the dog’s system doesn’t get overwhelmed.

In general, Heartgard is specifically made for dogs and will not lead to overdosing as long as you pay attention to the dog’s condition.

If you notice fatigue and/or nausea it is time to speak to a vet. You should remain in communication with the vet at all times when it comes to heartworms.

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