Should I Visit My Dog After Rehoming?

It can be challenging to sit on the sidelines after rehoming your dog. A lot of dog owners go through this type of anxiety because they want to make sure the dog is happy and want to learn more about its environment in person. This is why it becomes important to ask, should I visit my dog after rehoming?

It is not a good idea to visit your dog after rehoming them. This can cause the dog to become anxious, confused, and in a constant state of frustration about their new surroundings. The best approach is to let the dog settle into their new home without interference.

Since you are going to be rehoming the dog, it’s naturally assumed you will not be a part of their life. It’s important to maintain this reality if that is the decision you’ve made.

Key factors include:

  • Dog’s Age
  • Dog’s Medical History
  • The New Home

In general, if you are asking, “should i visit my dog after rehoming?” this means you care for the dog and it is going to have a good bond with you.

Unfortunately, a dog having a good bond with you means they will get upset seeing you leave again. It will create a horrible psychological impact that is just not worth it if you care for the dog.

In situations such as these, you are better off to rehome a dog and then leave them alone. If necessary, you are welcome to ask for pictures/videos to make sure they are safe.

Here is more on the question, “Should I visit my dog after rehoming?” and why it is not a good idea to visit your dog after rehoming them.

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Reasons To Not Visit Your Dog After Rehoming Them

1. Creates Confusion

The main reason has to do with the instant confusion for the rehomed dog.

They won’t know what to feel and it’s going to lead to sudden happiness before crushing sadness as you leave from their life again.

This is why it is better to stay away from a rehomed dog.

should i visit my dog after rehoming

2. Resets the Dog’s Adjustment Period

If you are wondering, “Should I visit my dog after rehoming?” it is important to think about the overall adjustment period for a dog.

It will take a long time and sometimes can take half a year!

This means you are going to reset the adjustment period by coming back to meet a rehomed dog.

Dogs are loyal and this means they are going to have a hard time forgetting a pack member including their previous dog owner. This can lead to months of adjustment after being rehomed.

Just let the dog be.

This is going to ensure the rehomed dog has time to adjust to its new owners and will become a part of that family while slowly settling in.

If you visit a rehomed dog, it is possible to reset the clock and make things worse.

should i visit my dog after rehoming

3. Can Lead to Psychological and Physical Concerns

You have to realize dogs don’t like being separated from a good owner.

There can be serious psychological (anxiety, depression) and physical (not eating) concerns. This is why you are better off staying away from your rehomed dog.

Some dogs are known to stop eating if they go through this type of ordeal where the previous owner comes and meets them before leaving again.

It might seem like a good idea at first, but in most cases, it is not.

You do not want a situation where the dog refuses to eat and doesn’t want to do anything in its new home after seeing you again.

This can make it difficult for the dog’s health and the new owners.

Related Questions

1. Do Dogs Miss Their Owners When Rehomed?

Yes, dogs will often miss their previous owners and/or living arrangements after being rehomed. There is a natural adjustment period where the dog will deal with anxiety, confusion, and/or depression before getting better.

2. How Long Does It Take For a Rehomed Dog to Adjust?

It will take a dog at least 6-8 months before settling into a new environment with different owners. During this phase, it’s essential for the dog to be comfortable, treated with respect, and made to feel at home.

3. How Do You Say Goodbye to a Dog When Rehoming?

It’s recommended to write a short letter to your dog stating your opinion, apologizing, and explaining why it is better for them to be rehomed. This not only provides peace of mind to you but also is a wonderful way to share your thoughts with the dog even if it doesn’t understand.

Final Thoughts

“Should I visit my dog after rehoming?”

No, it is not a good idea to visit a rehomed dog after giving them to a new owner. There is a long-winded adjustment period as dogs settle in and that can be reset after you visit them.

It is best to stay away and let them adjust to their new surroundings.

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