Can Dogs See Computer Screens? (And How To Protect Their Eyes!)

Dogs are inquisitive pets and will often pay attention to your behavior. This includes when you sit down to watch TV, use the computer, and/or pick up a tablet. Over time, they will start to look at a computer screen and try to figure out what is going on. Before paying attention to this, you will ask, can dogs see computer screens?

Dogs can see computer screens and will often respond to what’s on the screen whether it’s another animal, human, or something else. They can recognize those patterns. If a dog does look at a computer screen often, it’s recommended to install an anti-glare filter to protect their eyes.

This is one of the best ways to make sure the dog’s eyes don’t get harmed due to a computer screen. This is especially the case due to the brightness settings of a computer screen.

Key Factors Include:

  • Size of the Computer Screen
  • Type of Computer Screen
  • Blue Light
  • Proximity to the Screen

When asking, “Can dogs see computer screens?” it is these details that are going to matter. You have to keep your dog safe when it is in front of a computer screen making sure it doesn’t stare for too long and/or get too close.

Dogs that look at computer screens will often stare for long periods. It intrigues them, especially when you are watching a video!

This is why it is important to ask “Can dogs see computer screens?” right away. This guide will provide a detailed answer on what dogs see on computer screens and how they respond to those particular visuals.

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Things Dogs Can See On Computer Screens

1. Moving Images

If you are wondering, “Can dogs see computer screens?” then it makes sense to start with the basics.

A dog is going to look at a computer screen and noticing moving images. They will not notice text as that doesn’t compute for them psychologically nor is it going to matter.

However, the dog will notice when you are playing a video with other humans, sounds, and/or animals.

They will start to pay attention to them and focus in on those specific cues. This is a great way to see how your dog responds when presented with these types of visuals or sounds.

In most cases, the dog will indeed notice the moving images and will even respond to them depending on what is going on. For example, if something is scary, they will show signs of fear.

Can dogs see computer screens

2. 2D Visuals

In most situations, the computer screen is going to show 2D visuals.

These visuals are essential in depicting images in a unique way. For example, you may see a moving dog on-screen that would otherwise be 3D if it were in your house in real life.

The same is going to be noticed by the dog.

Dogs can pay attention to 2D visuals, which is why they tend to respond to computer and TV screens with curiosity.

Some dogs find it hard to tell the difference, but they will begin to pay attention to the 2D image.

This is something they do understand after a while, but it will take them a bit of time to get over it. Their initial reaction is always going to be to assume the 2D visual is real.

Can dogs see computer screens

3. Colors

If you are wondering, “Can dogs see computer screens?” then it might be time to look at what the dog is seeing in terms of colors.

Most dogs can only see blue and/or yellow, which means they won’t see anything else on the color spectrum.

This is why they may not pick up on specific details on-screen.

Dogs can’t see all colors but they will notice specific colors as they would in the wild or in real life.

However, the colors they do see are going to be just as easy for them to pick up on the screen.

They will even respond to those colors in the same manner as they would in real life.

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1. Do Dogs Like To Watch TV?

Dogs enjoy watching TV and just like humans will have specific preferences when it comes to the content in front of their eyes. However, some dogs do fail to see the difference between a visual image and real-life animals/humans.

2. Can Dogs See TV and Phone Screens?

Dogs have no trouble seeing TV, tablet, and/or phone screens. However, dogs do have trouble visualizing what’s happening on a phone screen because it is too small for their eyes to focus on.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs see computer screens?

Dogs are more than happy to look at computer screens and it is okay for them to look at the screen for a short period. Please note, if the dog is staring at the screen for longer periods, it might not be safe for their eyes and lead to health issues.

Make sure to set up an anti-glare filter on your computer screen such as the one mentioned above if that is what you plan on doing.

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