Why Does My Dog Roll On His Treats?

Each dog has a unique reaction when they’re given a treat. Some dogs are going to gobble it up as soon as it hits their tongue, while others are going to begin to roll on their treats. This can be a fascinating sight for dog owners that haven’t noticed this type of behavior before. This is why you may wonder, why does my dog roll on his treats?

A dog will roll on its treats, food, and/or toys as a way to pick up the treat’s scent. It is also a common behavior among wild dogs when they’re playing with their food.

If your dog does this, it’s normal and nothing to be worried about. Most dogs will do this because the treat’s scent is important to them and they want to focus in on it before consumption.

The key factors include:

  • Type of Dog Treat
  • Frequency of Treats
  • Dog’s Age

It is often going to come down to your dog’s natural curiosity as well. This is essential when you are wondering, “Why does my dog roll on his treats?” because some dogs don’t care about the scent. They just eat whatever is in front of them!

If that is what your dog prefers doing then that is fine too!

It is natural for a dog to roll on its treats just like it is normal for a dog to gobble it up immediately. Both possibilities are something a normal dog would do whether they are a pet or a wild dog.

Here is more on the query, “Why does my dog roll on his treats?” while also thinking about the reasons for dogs rolling on their treats from time to time.

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Benefits of Dogs Rolling On Their Treats

1. Helps Pick Up the Scent

For the average dog rolling on its treats, the idea is to pick up the treat’s scent.

This is also going to be a way to cover their own scent as well. If they roll on the treat, they can start to enjoy the scent and get more of a dopamine hit from it.

This is advantageous because it soothes the dog and that is why they focus on rolling on or over their treats from time to time.

why does my dog roll on his treats

2. Natural Increase in Dopamine

When asking, “Why does my dog roll on his treats?” you will want to think about the science behind a dog rolling over its treats.

In essence, dopamine plays a significant role in what a dog is doing.

The dopamine rush comes from rolling on the treat and/or enjoying it. This is something that is important for those who want to stay healthy.

Dogs will see a dopamine rise when it comes to eating food and/or treats, which is why they are known to enjoy a dog treat from time to time.

Just having something like this is empowering. It is a natural benefit that is good for a dog’s mental well-being plus it keeps them satisfied.

This is why dogs will often roll over their treats.

why does my dog roll on his treats

3. Helps the Dog Learn More About the Treat

The dog will be inquisitive when it comes to the new dog treat.

This is when they will want to grab it and try to observe it for a while. This includes sniffing the treat, rolling on it, and just giving it a few licks.

This is common behavior and is seen in all dog breeds.

Dogs have exceptional noses when it comes to picking up unique scents and they also have good memories when it comes to these unique scents that come up throughout their lives.

The average dog may not do this when they are eating a common dog treat, but it will become a possible reaction when a new dog treat is introduced.

This is when a dog may start to roll over the dog treat.

Related Questions

1. Why Do Dogs Roll on Their Prey?

Dogs roll on their prey as a natural instinct. The idea is to cover their body with the prey’s scent as a way to ward off potential predators that are lurking around looking to kill them. As a result, this safety mechanism is an easy way to ward off those predators.

2. Why Do Dogs Roll On Their Backs When They See You?

Dogs will often roll on their backs when they see pet owners as a way to show they trust you. This is a way to gain your attention as it is a sign they are exposing their weakest area (belly) without being worried. This is a great sign of trust and respect.

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog roll on his treats?

The average dog will roll on its treats in a way to learn more about the treat, cover its scent, and/or try to increase its dopamine rush due to having a dog treat.

This is why a lot of dogs play with their food.

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