Can Untrained Dogs Detect Cancer? (And How!)

Most people will assume only trained dogs can detect cancer. This is an assumption made based on trained dogs in the police that are specifically taught what to look for before they can pinpoint its presence (i.e. narcotics). However, the same doesn’t always apply to the world of dogs sniffing cancer in humans. This is why it is important to ask, can untrained dogs detect cancer?

Untrained dogs can detect cancer in humans, dogs, and other living organisms. This can be seen when the dog begins to stare at the body, whine constantly, and/or tilt its head continuously. It is recommended not to ignore this behavior as it may indicate the presence of illness and/or cancer.

It is often ignored by people and that is a mistake.

While not all dogs will detect cancer right away, many are aware of what’s going on due to the change in scent around the individual or animal.

Key signs include:

  • Trying To Stay Close To You
  • Constant Whining
  • Tilting Its Head

If you start wondering, “Can untrained dogs detect cancer?” it might be time to visit the doctor for further testing. This is always a good precaution to take because even untrained dogs can sniff out cancer.

It’s important to note dogs don’t actively look for cancer-related scents. Instead, what they are paying attention to is a change in scent based on illness.

Humans give off a specific scent when they are ill even if they don’t know it yet. This is why dogs can pick things out early on due to their stronger noses.

Here is more on the query, “Can untrained dogs detect cancer?” while also assessing what signs to look for in untrained dogs that sniff cancer in humans.

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How To Know an Untrained Dog is Detecting Cancer

1. Maintaining Proximity To Human

This is the first sign you are going to notice as soon as an untrained dog begins to close in.

They will try to stay close to you without being overexcited. This is a common sign to let you know something is off and that is especially true with an untrained dog that has no other reason to act in this manner.

Does this guarantee you have cancer and/or are ill? No, it does not!

However, it is something to keep a note of especially when combined with the other signs listed below.

can untrained dogs detect cancer

2. Continuous Glaring or Staring

For those wondering, “Can untrained dogs detect cancer?” you will often notice the dog staring at you.

This staring is done because they sense something is wrong with the body and are honing in on the scent they have just picked up.

Since dogs have strong noses, they will lock in and try to pinpoint where that odd scent is coming from.

Certain dogs will start to stare in the direction of the human in a bid to pinpoint what is wrong and almost trying to alert the human about their cancer.

This is why a lot of untrained dogs can detect cancer even if they don’t know what is going on.

There are specific breeds that are better at this and that is why you should always pay attention to a dog sniffing for cancer.

can untrained dogs detect cancer

3. Trying To Alert Human With Noise

The untrained dog may sniff cancer and then try to alert you with noise.

They will often do this with a sort of whine that is easy to detect and notice. You are going to realize this is not the same as barking.

This is a common occurrence in all types of trained and untrained dogs when it comes to feeling like something is wrong and that includes the presence of cancerous cells in the human body.

If this is occurring, it means the dog is distressed and/or doesn’t feel at ease.

There are times when it might have to do with something else but if the dog is also staring at your body then it might have to do with illness.

Related Questions

1. How Do Dogs Act When They Smell Cancer?

Dogs will often tilt their head, start whining, and/or begin to stay closer to the individual when they smell cancer. This is common behavior in both trained and untrained dogs depending on the situation.

2. What Breed of Dog Can Smell Cancer?

Most breeds can sniff cancer but certain breeds have a stronger capability of pinpointing illness in humans including Labradors, Bloodhounds, and Basset Hounds.

Final Thoughts

Can untrained dogs detect cancer?

Untrained dogs are more than capable of sniffing out cancer in other living organisms. This includes humans, dogs, and many other animals around them.

It is a natural skill they pick up due to their strong noses.

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