Can Dogs Smell Chemotherapy? (And Signs To Look For!)

Having a dog is exciting, unique, and a loving experience. It can also be a wonderful way to detect illnesses early if the dog is willing to give out signs of something being wrong. This is why a lot of people will ask whether or not dogs know that you are getting chemotherapy done. To get started, you should ask, can dogs smell chemotherapy?

Dogs can smell chemotherapy and/or cancerous developments due to their ability to notice changes in the human body. This is why dogs can detect signs of illness early on. Dogs will often tilt their head and continuously sniff a person’s body after chemotherapy sessions.

It’s highly recommended to avoid being near your dog after chemotherapy. This has to do with your immune system not being as strong as it needs to be.

Please take the time to consult with an oncologist to know more about your particular case.

The reasons include:

  • Weaker Immune System
  • Dogs Ability to Infect
  • Constant Contact with the Dog

All three of these factors are just as important as asking, “Can dogs smell chemotherapy?” because you don’t want to fall ill due to your pet.

It’s important to note, this is not just about dogs.

You will have to make sure the right approach is taken when it comes to dealing with your dog with cancer. A lot of dog owners get worried about their dog but it’s always smart to look at their response when you are ill.

Here is more on the question, “Can dogs smell chemotherapy?” while also looking at some of the signs of a dog smelling cancer in humans.

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Signs of a Dog Smelling Cancer or Illness

1. Staring

The first sign of a dog smelling chemotherapy or cancer in people involves staring.

They are going to regularly stare at your belly and your chest area. This is a common sign they believe something is wrong with the body and they want to let you know about it.

Some dogs may not whine and/or make noises but they will just keep staring.

can dogs smell chemotherapy

2. Constant Tilting of Head

If you are asking “Can dogs smell chemotherapy?” then it is important to look at the dog’s head.

Yes, a dog is going to tilt its head aggressively while staring at your torso/stomach. This is something many dogs do when a person is pregnant as well.

Dogs will sometimes tilt their head when something is odd and will do so while staring at the person they believe is ill.

If you notice a dog tilting its head a lot while looking at you, this might be a sign they think you are ill and/or getting chemotherapy done.

It is one of the clear-cut signs your dog knows something is off.

can dogs smell chemotherapy

3. Continuous Whining

This is another sign that is seen in dogs when it comes to a person that is ill and/or has been through a chemotherapy session.

They will start to whine and it is going to be consistent.

A lot of dogs will do multiple things while whining and that is going to include pacing, staring, and/or tilting their head at the same time. This is when you will know the dog is aware of something being off.

Some dogs will prefer to whine as a way to let the person know they are ill and there is something wrong with their body.

If you notice this, it is essential to pay attention to the dog’s mannerisms.

If this happens, it is recommended to soothe the dog and make sure it is calm. Otherwise, it will continue to whine while staying close to you.

Related Questions

1. Can You Be Around Dogs During Chemo?

It is recommended to consult with an oncologist to learn more about being around dogs during chemo. It’s possible to get infected due to a weak immune system when around dogs, cats, and/or other animals.

2. Can You Smell Cancer On A Dog?

Dogs will often let off a strong odor when they’re ill. The odor can vary depending on the dog but will often be the strongest near the dog’s mouth and anal cavity.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs smell chemotherapy?

Indeed, dogs have the ability to notice that you have been through chemotherapy. This is a common reaction in dogs due to their high-powered noses. Dogs can smell chemo and they can do it easily.

They have a great sense of smell and that includes picking up on chemotherapy and/or cancer in people.

If you are going through chemotherapy, it is recommended to pay attention to these signs in your dog. You will notice them right away.

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