Why Do Dogs Eat Bees? (And How To Stop It!)

It can be a frightening sight to see your dog rushing towards a buzzing bee. You may want to stop the dog but it might be too late assuming the dog is in a frenzy to capture the bee. If your dog is racing after a bee, it’s important to understand what is going on first. In general, you will want to know, why do dogs eat bees?

Dogs eat bees because they have a natural instinct to go after anything that presents itself as a meal. A flying bee acts as a source of protein and calories, which in turns causes the dog’s prey drive to go into hyper mode. This often applies to other animals in the wild including squirrels, cats, and skunks.

It’s recommended to keep your dog close when there is a bee hive nearby. It is possible for the dog to lose control and want to rush towards the beehive.

In general, a dog close to a beehive isn’t a good idea for its safety!

Key factors include:

  • Number of Bees
  • The Dog’s Energy Levels
  • The Dog’s Curiosity

Each dog is going to be unique when you are asking, “Why do dogs eat bees?” making it important to understand what’s going on.

If your dog does try to eat a bee, it isn’t going to be a problem. The bee itself isn’t going to cause digestive issues but a dog getting stung isn’t ideal! It will hurt a lot and is going to lead to a serious health concern.

Here is more on the query “Why do dogs eat bees?” while also focusing on the benefits of eating bees for dogs that go through with this type of behavior.

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Benefits of Eating Bees for Dogs

1. Source of Protein

The first benefit has to do with bees being a good source of protein.

Dogs will eat bees for protein as that is what causes them to activate their prey drive in the first place. The idea of getting a quick snack is something that appeals to them as well as wanting to catch the insect.

Why do dogs eat bees

2. Keeps Them Sharp

Dogs will want to stay sharp.

Even dog owners know this and will often buy dog toys to keep the dog happy. However, this is easier said than done, which is why the dog’s natural instinct will always remain active.

This includes when a dog sees a bee outdoors.

Dogs will look to activate their prey drive when outdoors and this can happen as soon as they spot a bee flying around causing them to chase it wildly.

The dog will run after a bee in a bid to catch it.

Sometimes, the dog won’t even be hungry but that drive is going to be enough to cause them to run towards the bee!

This is why anyone asking “Why do dogs eat bees?” should look at their dog’s natural instinct.

Why do dogs eat bees

3. Easy to Digest

Let’s assume a dog does digest the bee.

In this case, they are not going to have any issues and you won’t have to worry about the dog’s health. The bee should be easily digested as long as the dog doesn’t get stung along the way.

Some dogs are simply looking for an easy meal and in some cases bees will settle down causing them to be caught by a dog that is nearby.

This is why it is better for a dog to go after one bee rather than the beehive.

Going after the beehive is asking for trouble and will lead to significant stings.

Related Questions

1. Is It OK For Dogs To Eat Bees?

Dogs can eat bees without facing health-related consequences. It can be a quick source of protein while helping activate their prey drive.

2. Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Bees?

Dogs are obsessed with bees because they activate the dog’s prey drive. This causes them to want to chase the bees and eventually catch one.

3. Do Bees Get Dogs High?

It is possible for a dog to get high from consuming bees depending on how many they consume. It can have a soothing effect on the dog’s mind causing it to present symptoms associated with being “high.”

4. How Do I Stop My Dog From Chasing Bees?

The best way to stop a dog from chasing bees is to train them to avoid chasing insects. This will require clicker training and/or other forms of training to help reinforce what is and isn’t safe for the dog.

Final Thoughts

Why do dogs eat bees?

Dogs eat bees because it is an appealing hunt for them and they are a good source of protein. While it isn’t safe for a dog to go after a bee or beehive, it is still something that comes naturally to them. They will want to hunt down the bee and capture it.

It is best to train your dog not to do this for its own safety.

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