How To Carry A Large Dog Down Stairs (And What Not To Do!)

Is your dog not willing to go down a set of stairs at home? This is a real concern when you are trying to convince your dog to go downstairs at different times of the day in a multi-story home. To avoid a situation where your large dog only stays upstairs or downstairs, it’s essential to learn how to carry a large dog down stairs.

Carrying a large dog down a set of stairs requires a good understanding of where to hold the large dog while walking down stairs.

It is not something you are going to learn right away and it does require a bit of care.

Key factors include:

  • Where You Hold the Dog
  • The Dog’s Lack of Fidgeting
  • The Dog’s Anxiety
  • Your Strength and Balance

All of these factors need to be accounted for when you are learning how to carry a large dog down stairs. Remember, this is not something that will be easy.

A lot of people want to carry a 100 pound dog down stairs but don’t know where to get started. You need to know where the hold the dog and what not to do beforehand.

This guide will look at how to carry a large dog down stairs, what tips to implement, and what not to do before getting started.

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Tips On How To Carry A Large Dog Down Stairs

1. Wrap Arms Around Both Sets of Legs

Your first step is to hold the large dog properly.

When carrying a large dog, you want to wrap your arms around both sets of legs. One arm will wrap around the front set of legs, while the other arm is going to focus on the other set.

You don’t want to have the arms too low when doing this. Instead, they should be closer to the top half of the legs to make sure the large dog doesn’t slip out of your arms!

Be careful while doing this and make sure the dog is trained to stay still. By holding the large in this manner, you are going to have a much easier time going down a set of stairs.

how to carry a large dog down stairs

2. Hold the Dog at Stomach

Carrying a large down down stairs at home is all about holding the dog properly.

You will want to set the dog at stomach height. The idea of doing this is to make sure the dog doesn’t slip if it moves.

It will require a bit of patience on your end, but you want to make sure it is set at this height. Your stomach is a good “center” point, which will help maintain balance when lifting a large dog down stairs.

Having a large dog centered while walking down a set of stairs matters to maintain your balance while ensuring the dog is comfortable.

If you bring the large dog to your chest or keep it at your waist, it’s possible for your balance to be off.

This is when people slip and/or feel uncomfortable.

how to carry a large dog down stairs

3. Practice Carrying the Dog On Flat Ground First

As you learn how to carry a large dog down stairs, you will have to think about practicing how to lift a dog down a set of stairs.

Just the idea of carrying a large takes time to get used to.

You will have to understand how the weight is distributed, how much your large dog moves around, and other factors associated with the task at hand.

A common mistake is to assume carrying a large down a set of stairs is easy and doesn’t require a bit of practice on your end.

Don’t assume it is going to be easy.

Even if you are strong, you will need time to learn how to carry your specific large dog. It is best to practice on a soft surface that doesn’t involve stairs.

Related Questions

1. Are Stairs Bad for Big Dogs?

Stairs are not dangerous for big dogs as long as they are trained to go up and down safely. Just like any other dog, it is important to get them comfortable going down a set of stairs without compromising their health or safety. If the dog is anxious, it’s best to let them adjust by helping them practice.

2. How Do I Get My Large Dog To Go Down Stairs?

The best approach to training a large dog to go down stairs is by using treats. Training the dog to become comfortable on a set of stairs takes time but it can be done. Use treats and affirmative words as they step while also providing support at the same time.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to focus on as you learn how to carry a large dog down stairs.

It is not easy to do this, but the right approach will go a long way. Make sure you hold your large dog properly when lifting them and always go slowly.

This will ensure the dog is safe and you get them to where they need to be.

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