Should I Cuddle My Puppy? (And Why or Why Not!)

Cuddling your puppy is one of those natural reactions dog owners often have. Just the idea of being able to walk over to your pet and give it a squeeze and some pets is always fun. However, you will want to know whether or not this is a good idea. It is important to ask, should I cuddle my puppy?

There is nothing wrong with cuddling a puppy and show affection is a wonderful way to keep the dog happy and ensure it continues to grow in a healthy environment. Just like anything else, it’s recommended to avoid cuddling for long hours.

Take the time to give the puppy a short cuddling session here and there. This is the best way to make sure both you and the puppy are happy while bonding throughout the day.

Key factors include:

  • The Dog’s Preference for Cuddling
  • The Dog’s Schedule
  • The Dog’s Health

Bonding is always recommended when it comes to your puppy. It is something they seek out as a pack animal, so there is nothing wrong with playing with your puppy and/or comforting them from time to time.

If the mother is nearby, you are recommended to allow the puppy to spend time with her during this part of its life. It can help with their natural development.

For those asking, “Should I cuddle my puppy?” you will learn more about this subject here along with how to cuddle a puppy safely.

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Tips On Cuddling Your Puppy

1. Cuddle for Short Periods Only

Cuddling your puppy is always fun but it should be done in short bursts.

You don’t want to overwhelm the puppy as it may not be in the mood for extended cuddles. Just like any other animal, the dog is going to have times when it doesn’t want to cuddle.

This is when you have to pull back and let the dog do what it enjoys especially as a puppy.

To cuddle a puppy safely, you should do it in short bursts and make sure it attracts a positive response from the young dog. This is the only way to ensure both you and the puppy are happy.

When learning how to cuddle a young dog, this is one of the key tips to keep in mind!

Should I cuddle my puppy

2. Let the Puppy Have Independent Time

You will want to ensure the puppy has time to itself.

Yes, it won’t mind cuddles here and there, but it also has to explore its surroundings and have fun. This is where finding the right balance is a must as a dog owner.

Puppies are reliant on their moms and dog owners, but it’s essential to make sure they have a bit of independent time in a controlled environment (i.e. playpen) to learn more about the world around them.

If you are asking “Should I cuddle my puppy?” it makes sense to stay patient and focus on setting aside time for cuddling the puppy at home.

This will keep things as simple as they need to be.

You will know the puppy has to follow a set schedule and you can’t cuddle them all the time.

Should I cuddle my puppy

3. Pay Attention to the Puppy

You should always pay attention to the puppy’s reaction to cuddling.

When cuddling a puppy at home, you want to look at their reaction. If they want to get away, it is important to let them do so.

This is essential for their long-term health.

Puppies will often let you know when they don’t want to be cuddled anymore and this can be seen with them moving around and/or showing signs of agitation.

However, if the puppy is happy to cuddle in your arms, it is going to be more than willing to rest in one spot. This can happen for hours if you want!

This is what you should be on the lookout for when asking “Should I cuddle my puppy?” because their reaction is going to say it all.

Related Questions

1. Should I Let My Puppy Fall Asleep On Me?

There is nothing wrong with letting a puppy fall asleep on you. The warmth can be comfortable for the puppy and it will be more than happy to rest in one spot until it wakes up.

2. Is It Weird to Cuddle Your Dog?

Cuddling with your dog is a natural activity as dogs are pack animals and will always be lying near each other inside or in the wild. For them, humans are a part of their pack, so cuddling with them is normal.

Final Thoughts

Should I cuddle my puppy?

There is no reason for avoiding a cuddle session with your puppy as long as you are paying attention to the puppy’s response. If it accepts your cuddles, it is okay to continue.

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