Why Does My Dog Sit Behind Me On The Couch?

It can be interesting to sit down on the couch and immediately have your dog sit behind you. For a lot of dog owners, this can be fascinating behavior that is not assumed to happen indoors. However, this is quite common and does happen from time to time. With this in mind, it is important to ask, why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?

A dog will sit behind you on the couch when it is protecting you, dealing with separation anxiety, and/or finds the spot to be comfortable. Each dog will have a unique combination of reasons for this type of behavior.

For dog owners dealing with a dog sitting behind you, it’s best to start working on the dog’s separation anxiety. This is usually the main issue.

Key factors include:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • The Dog’s History
  • Lack of Sitting Areas Nearby

If you are asking, “Why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?” it is also smart to make sure you are providing the dog with another spot to sit on.

Sometimes, a dog just doesn’t have anywhere else to sit and may not want to sit on your lap. This means they are either going to hop onto the couch or they are going to sit behind you.

This is why it is important to make sure you provide the dog with a safe spot to sit on. If a dog is seated behind you, it likely doesn’t know where to sit or doesn’t want to be too far away.

This article will look at a few tips on what to do if your dog sits behind you and leaves you asking, “Why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?”

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Tips for Helping a Dog Sitting Behind You All The Time

1. Set Up a Safe Dog Bed Nearby

When asking “Why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?”, you should focus on choosing a good dog bed for the living room or wherever your couch is.

The idea is to make it easier for the dog to have its own spot close to you.

This will ensure the dog doesn’t sit right behind you as soon as you settle on the couch. This can be uncomfortable and just not something you want to deal with all the time!

By having a separate dog bed, you will keep the dog comfortable while also getting enough space to sit on the couch by yourself. It is a win-win!

why does my dog sit behind me on the couch

2. Train the Dog to Deal with Separation

You will have to work on the dog’s separation anxiety as this might be a reason for this type of behavior.

With a dog sitting behind you, it is essential to think about your options. This includes focusing on teaching the dog to stay apart from you throughout the day.

A good way to do this is to separate the dog from yourself while giving them something to do such as playing with dog toys.

Separation anxiety is common in all types of dogs and has to be handled through careful training to make sure the dog doesn’t become fully dependent.

Keeping the dog occupied is going to make sure it knows you will come back and it can relax until then.

This won’t happen overnight but it is something you have to focus on for the long-term.

why does my dog sit behind me on the couch

3. Teach the Dog to Not Sit There

When asking “Why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?” you also have to think about teaching the dog not to sit behind you.

Some dogs may not realize this is bad behavior or something they should avoid doing.

If you want to stop a dog from sitting behind you, it makes sense to keep teaching them. This means saying “No!” when they do so and encouraging the idea of sitting away from the couch with the help of treats.

Dog repellants can be sprayed onto those areas of the couch to make sure the dog doesn’t want to sit there as it is unappealing to them.

It is this type of approach that is going to get a dog to stop sitting behind you on the sofa.

If not, you will continue to see this type of behavior and it won’t be a lot of fun!

Final Thoughts

“Why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?”

A dog that is sitting on the couch behind you will likely do this to protect you, deal with separation anxiety, and/or find a comfortable spot to settle on nearby.

This is why you have to train the dog to stop sitting behind you on the couch at home. Otherwise, this type of behavior will continue.

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