Why Does My Dog Mess Up My Bed? (And How To Stop It!)

There is nothing more frustrating than watching as your dog rolls around in the bed making a mess. It can be quite annoying when you have taken the time to put everything together early in the morning and then your dog jumps in for a quick roll! This is something a lot of dog owners deal with worldwide. It’s essential to ask, why does my dog mess up my bed?

Dogs will mess up a bed in a bid to mix its scent with yours on a claimed territory (i.e. the bed). For the dog, this territory is a shared space and therefore its scent should be spread across the bed similar to yours.

This is a common behavior among all breeds and will occur across the household. If you have recently changed the sheets, you may see the dog want to jump in and start spreading its scent across the bed!

Key factors include:

  • The Dog’s Eagerness
  • Where The Dog Sleeps
  • When The Laundry Was Done

Each of these factors will end up impacting whether or not your dog rolls around in the bed making a mess. If you are wondering, “Why does my dog mess up my bed?” then it is likely going to come down to the dog wanting to spread its scent.

Your goal should be to put a stop to this behavior by finding out how to train a dog not to mess up your bed. This takes a bit of time but will make sure you don’t have to come back to a crumple of sheets every day!

Here is more on the question, “Why does my dog mess up my bed?” while also focusing on how to stop a dog from messing up your bed all the time.

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Tips On How To Stop Dog From Messing Up Your Bed

1. Use a Dog Repellent

It is important to understand how a dog responds to scent.

Since the goal for a dog is to spread its scent, it will want to do it in a spot that appears to be friendly and cozy. Otherwise, the dog won’t want to go anywhere near the area!

This is where a good dog repellent is going to add serious value. You are going to want to spray a little bit around the edges of the bed making it hard for the dog to hop on. It simply won’t want to!

This is going to lead to immediate results.

why does my dog mess up my bed

2. Set Up A Pet Gate

If you are asking, “Why does my dog mess up my bed?” then it is important to set up a pet gate near the entrance of your bedroom.

This is going to make sure the dog can’t get in.

It is a simple yet effective solution that will lead to great results and you won’t have to fret about the dog any longer.

A pet gate in front of the bedroom door will go a long way in making sure the dog can’t get in when it wants to mess up the bed. It’s an effective solution that yields immediate results.

This might not always help and is a short-term solution but it is something to keep in mind.

Just buy a good dog gate for your bedroom and see tangible results.

why does my dog mess up my bed

3. Train the Dog to Avoid the Bed

You will have to work on a long-term strategy when it comes to stopping a dog from jumping on the bed. If your dog is rolling on the bed and making a mess, it is always going to come down to training.

This involves the use of a clicker.

You are going to take out the clicker and give it a click as soon as the dog ventures towards the bed. If it gets off, you will give the dog a treat.

Over time, the dog will learn what the click means.

Clicker training is renowned for helping when it comes to getting a dog to stop messing up your bed all the time. Use treats alongside the clicker to see maximum results.

This is a great way to teach your dog how to stop rolling around on the bed after you have made it.

Anyone that is asking, “Why does my dog mess up my bed?” has to start here!

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog mess up my bed?

Dogs are simply spreading their scent across the bed because it is a “shared space” in their minds. If you are using the bed, they will want to have their scent on it to as a part of the pack.

This is just a way to claim the territory.

Your goal should be to use a dog repellent, set up a pet gate, and make sure you are training the dog not to jump on the bed.

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