How To Stop Dog Rolling In Fox Poo (And What To Use!)

Seeing your dog rushing towards a fresh pile of fox poop is hardly pleasing. It can lead to an awful stench that is then brought along with the dog everywhere it goes including inside the house! Due to this, a lot of dog owners want to learn how to stop dog rolling in fox poo immediately.

There are several steps a dog owner has to think about when it is time to learn how to stop dog rolling in fox poo.

If you are not taking the time to understand what a dog is doing and why a dog is rolling in fox poop, you are going to become confused as to how to resolve the issue. This is why a lot of dog owners take a step back and try to see what causes this type of behavior in their dog.

Key factors include:

  • Dog’s Walking Route
  • Dog’s Lack of Stimulation
  • Dog’s General Behavior

Each of these factors will play a role as you figure out how to stop dog rolling in fox poo the right way. Remember, it’s not going to be easy to get your dog to stop its natural instinct to roll around in poop. It is just something they prefer to do.

However, if you take the time to work with the dog, it is possible to put a stop to this behavior.

This guide will go through the ins and outs of what to do as you learn how to stop dog rolling in fox poo properly.

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Tips On How To Stop Dog Rolling In Fox Poo

1. Use a Clicker

The first thing you are going to do is start bringing a clicker along with you for walks.

This means you are going to take out the clicker and keep it on your wrist or by your side at all times during the walk. As soon as you notice the dog walking towards a fresh pile of fox poop, it’s time to use the clicker and give the dog a treat for stepping away.

If the dog doesn’t step away, you won’t give it a treat.

You have to be strict with this to make sure the dog starts to understand the pattern. Otherwise, it is going to ignore what you are doing and still roll around in fox poop!

With a dog laying in fox poop, you have to take the time to better recognize when to use a clicker and when not to. This is the only way to get through to the dog on walks or when it is playing outside.

how to stop dog rolling in fox poo

2. Learn to Say “No!”

If you want to stop a dog from rolling in fox poop, it is always going to come down to using your words.

You don’t have to yell, but a quick “No!” is going to send the message that is needed to get the dog to step away. When incorporated with the clicker training, you are going to see appropriate results.

Verbal cues can be a good way to stop dogs from doing something you are not happy with including rolling in fox poo.

Please remember, this is going to take a bit of time for the dog to learn.

This is why using your words is a good option to have alongside with clicker training. Otherwise, you are not going to see the results that you are after.

how to stop dog rolling in fox poo

3. Do Not Hit the Dog

When figuring out how to stop dog rolling in fox poo, you have to realize there is never a good reason to physically abuse the dog to get it to stop!

This is inappropriate and doesn’t work.

Instead, you are going to have the opposite effect because the dog may stop rolling in poop, but it is not going to like going on walks or heading outside due to the abuse.

Physical abuse towards a dog cannot and should not be tolerated as it can have long-lasting effects on their quality of life and psychological state.

This is why you have to be extremely careful about what you do to stop a dog from walking on fox poop or laying in it.

If you hit the dog or yank it away, this may lead to consequences that you don’t want to deal with.

Final Thoughts

This is how to stop dog rolling in fox poo safely.

To get a dog to stop lying in fox poop, it is your responsibility to figuer out what is causing this type of behavior. Is the dog only doing it when you walk outside? Does it happen at the dog park?

You can immediately cut those things out and/or change the route. This will go a long way to put a stop to this in the short-term.

For the long-term, it is recommended to keep a dog clicker on hand to stop a dog from rolling in fox poop.

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