Why Does My Dog Lay In The Bathroom?

Dogs will love walking around the house and resting in odd places. It’s common to see a dog go into the bathroom and just rest on the floor for hours if allowed to do so. This can make you wonder as to what’s going on and it is essential to get to the bottom of things. To get started, it’s important to ask, why does my dog lay in the bathroom?

Dogs will rest on the bathroom floor because it’s comfortable, a small enclosed space, and cool when it is warm outside or in other parts of the house.

In general, dogs prefer to have a “den,” which isn’t possible indoors. Some will look to spend time under beds for this reason, but others are going to look for a bathroom in the house. This might be the case with your dog and why the dog is sleeping in the bathroom.

Key factors include:

  • The Temperature in the Bathroom
  • Size of the Room
  • Scent in the Room

It is these details that are going to matter when you start asking, “Why does my dog lay in the bathroom?” If you are not focused on understanding the layout of the house and why the dog is resting there, it’s possible to never understand the dog’s desire to rest in the bathroom.

It’s always going to come down to the dog just wanting to find a spot that is out of the way, but still cozy in its eyes. While each dog is unique, a lot will tend to venture towards an open bathroom if given the opportunity to do so!

This guide will go further into the topic for those asking, “Why does my dog lay in the bathroom?” by analyzing what the main reasons are for dogs sleeping in the bathroom.

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Reasons for Dogs Laying in the Bathroom

1. Dogs Love Smaller Spaces

Studies have shown dogs seek places in the house that are similar to a den they would have in the wild. This is a natural instinct.

They want to find a quiet, safer spot that is easy for them to go into without worrying about their safety. Since everything is small and compact with bathrooms, dogs prefer them.

If your dog is laying on the bathroom floor, it likely has to do with this reason. This is nothing to worry about and it is just a dog’s natural instinct. If you want to make changes to the dog’s behavior, just find a way to keep them comfortable in other parts of the house including setting up a little play area for them with a dog crate.

why does my dog lay in the bathroom

2. Cold Floor During Warmer Months

In warmer places, it is possible the dog is just seeking a colder surface to rest on.

This can happen when it is hot and humid leading to the dog feeling uncomfortable. You will often see this with dogs that have thick fur made for the winter months.

Dogs will often seen colder surfaces when the summer months roll around and it is hot inside. This has to do with their thick fur.

If you notice this, it is important to find a way to keep the entire house cool enough for the dog to enjoy itself.

Otherwise, it is going to be huffing loudly due to the heat and getting dehydrated!

why does my dog lay in the bathroom

3. Strong Scent

This is a possible reason that happens when it comes to a dog resting on the bathroom floor.

The idea is the dog is attracted to your scent.

It will find that scent in the house because the bathroom tends to be where you mark your territory as a human when relieving yourself.

Bathrooms tend to have a strong scent that is associated with the human and sometimes this appeals to the dog as a place of comfort.

Due to this, the dog may want to spend time there.

This doesn’t happen with all dogs, but it is possible with dogs that are attached to you and will naturally be attracted to the scent.

Final Thoughts

“Why does my dog lay in the bathroom?”

In general, a dog is going to rest on the bathroom floor because it enjoys a smaller enclosed space. This tends to be one of the smaller spaces in the house making it a good spot for the dog to rest in without worrying about its safety.

A lot of dogs will do this when they first come into a house, but it is also common with dogs that have been around for a while.

It is a natural instinct that comes with the dog.

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