Why Does My Dog Growl When I Kiss Him?

Showing your dog a bit of love is always fun! If you are someone that wants to show your dog some love and perhaps give a kiss, it’s essential to ask, Why does my dog growl when I kiss him?

A dog will growl at you after a kiss to show they are enjoying it, want more, and/or are happy. This is often a good sign and shows a strong bond between dog and human.

It’s essential to continue showing love to your dog because they enjoy this type of communication. It comes natural to them between dogs, so doing it with humans is just as ideal for them!

Key elements to consider include:

  • Type of Affection
  • Dog’s Personality
  • Type of Growl

It’s important to note there are times when a dog may growl out of anxiety. This happens with a dog you haven’t met before and don’t have any type of connection with. However, if you are calm, the dog may not do anything and will settle down.

However, if you are asking, “Why does my dog growl when I kiss him? this means you are likely talking about a pet dog. If that is true, it’s likely due to them enjoying the kissing or hugging.

If you are wondering, “Why does my dog growl when I kiss him?” it’s essential to go through this article and learn more about the reasons for a dog growling at you when kissing, hugging, or scratching them.

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Reasons for a Dog Growling at You When Being Kissed

1. Signals Pleasure or Comfort

This is the most common reason.

A dog will simply be showing that it is happy with the kissing and enjoys the love you are showing it. It is also a great way to continue doing this as a way to bond with your beloved dog.

If you are someone that tends to notice a low growl when you show affection to your dog, it is likely a way for the dog to let you know it is happy.

Many dogs will come and seek you out too!

This is why it is never a bad idea to try with your dog and see how it responds. Sometimes, a little change such as this is going to build a stronger bond with your dog and is going to keep it happy over the long-term.

why does my dog growl when i kiss him

2. Sign to Continue Doing It

When asking, “Why does my dog growl when I kiss him?” you will have to look at the dog’s body language.

If a dog is still resting near you and isn’t running away then it is okay to continue. They are just letting you know it is comforting and something they are enjoying.

A simple growl is not enough to deter you nor is it a sign from the dog telling you to stop!

This is a mistake many dog owners make and even the dog is going to get confused. Just continue doing it and you will see the dog love every second of it.

Dogs will sometimes let out a low growl when they are being kissed or scratched as a sign to continue doing it.

This is critical when you are trying to bond with your dog.

If you notice a dog growl when you give it a kiss, this likely means it is happy. Just see how it responds and you will notice it is going to get happier as the process continues and totally mellow down.

why does my dog growl when i kiss him

3. General Happiness

This is just a way for dogs to show they are content.

If you have a dog that likes to get scratched in a certain spot or loves hugs then you will notice similar behavior. It isn’t just kisses.

A dog is going to growl when it is happy. It is just a natural reaction to the situation.

Dogs are known to growl when they are happy and that is often possible when you are showing them a bit of love.

Of course, it is going to be a low growl.

Your dog isn’t going to attack nor is it going to hit you. Instead, over time the dog is going to relax and truly enjoy the affection it is receiving.

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog growl when I kiss him?

A dog will growl when being kissed to show it is enjoying the affection, wants more, and/or is in a state of bliss. This is a good sign and something dog owners should be on the lookout for.

If you are a dog owner and want to show your dog a bit of affection, this is a neat sign to look for.

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