Will A Dog Eat Another Dead Dog? (And Why or Why Not!)

Dogs that live in packs will often see the deaths of their family members. This is something that is both common in the wild and among pets. However, it can be interesting to note a dog’s response to the dead dog’s body and whether or not they try to take a bite. It’s important to ask, will a dog eat another dead dog?

Dogs can eat other dogs and won’t mind taking a bite when hungry. It is a natural reaction to seeing fresh meat and many dogs in the wild will give into this instinct. On average, most dogs will simply be curious, sniff around, and leave the body where it is.

This is going to vary on a long list of variables based on how the dog is feeling at the time it sees the dead body.

Key factors include:

  • The Dog’s Hunger
  • The Dog’s Relationship to the Dead Dog
  • The Environment

When asking “Will a dog eat another dead dog?” it is important to dig through these elements one by one. As you can imagine, if a dog is hungry in the wild and it sees a dead dog’s body, it will be far more likely to take a bite to satisfy its hunger.

This is something to keep in mind with any type of dog whether it’s a wild animal or a pet.

This article is going to try to assess what a dog focuses on when it comes to seeing a dead dog. This includes answering the question “Will a dog eat another dead dog?” and figuring out what can happen with a dead dog’s body.

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Reasons for a Dog Eating Another Dog

1. Hunger in the Wild

One of the main reasons will come down to general hunger.

Imagine a dog that hasn’t eaten in a while and then another dog dies. In this case, the dog’s hunger is going to take over and that will lead to the body being consumed.

It is important to note, this also happens with dog owners too. If the dog is hungry, it will also eat humans as that is just another fresh source of meat in their eyes.

If the dog is hungry and wants to eat, it will not hesitate to dig in with another dog’s dead body. This is why it is essential to keep your dog well-fed when it comes to pets at home.

will a dog eat another dead dog

2. General Curiosity

This is an underrated reason when asking “Will a dog eat another dead dog?”

In general, a dog is going to be curious when it sees a dead dog’s body. It will start to sniff around, try to determine what has happened to the dog, and then go on its way.

Sometimes, a dog may start to eat the other dog out of curiosity too.

Dogs aren’t afraid of eating other dogs because they are curious and don’t have as many taste buds as other animals including humans.

A dog’s mind works in different ways and sometimes it will enjoy the scent and take a bite.

This is going to depend on the dog’s natural instinct to do so. Some will refuse to bite and others will. It is rarer in pets as they are trained not to do so and will likely be eating well throughout the day. This makes it less likely for them to take a bite even out of curiosity.

will a dog eat another dead dog

3. Natural Hunting Instinct

When asking “Will a dog eat another dead dog?” you also have to realize the dog is a hunter. It hunts animals and wants fresh meat.

In the wild, you are going to see dogs take advantage of other prey animals because that is what they are biologically supposed to do.

With dead dogs, it is possible for that same instinct to pop up from time to time.

A dog’s natural instinct is to eat a meal that is in front of it and this is especially true when it comes to a dead animal including dogs.

If you see a dog start eating a dead dog, it is possible their instinct has taken over to the point they have to eat a little bit.

Some will eat a lot and others are just going to take a few bites before moving on. This depends on the situation.

Final Thoughts

Will a dog eat another dead dog?

Dogs are more than ready to eat a dead dog depending on their circumstances. If a dog is hungry and/or its natural instinct kicks in, it is quite possible for the dog to start eating a dead dog.

This is not as common with pets because they are usually well-fed making it harder for them to give in and eat the dead dog.

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