Why Is My Dog So Affectionate In The Morning?

Having a dog hopping on your bed and licking your face in the morning is difficult to get used to. A lot of dog owners see this with a wide array of dog breeds whether it’s a Husky, German Shepherd, or a Poodle. They all love the idea of running up to your bed and letting you know it is time to cuddle. While all of this is interesting, it’s also important to wonder, why is my dog so affectionate in the morning?

A dog tends to be affectionate in the morning because it is bursting with energy and is ready to eat its first meal of the day. Dogs get used to their schedules and this includes receiving food from their owners. Due to this, the dog will be eager to show affection.

This is a common phenomenon and it’s something to pay attention to as a dog owner.

The benefits include:

  • Stronger Bond with Your Dog
  • Helps You Follow a Schedule
  • Shows a Dog’s Happiness

A lot of dog owners believe this is annoying behavior and don’t prefer it. This makes sense as being woken up by anyone is not always a pleasant experience. However, it is important to note, a dog that shows affection is likely happy.

A happy dog is what you want as it shows they are in a good frame of mind and are in good health too.

Anyone that is asking, “Why is my dog so affectionate in the morning?” should look at this as a positive! You always want a dog that is affectionate and wants to be around you as soon as it wakes up.

This article is going to dive deeper into the subject and answer the question, “Why is my dog so affectionate in the morning?” You will also learn more about the reasons for a dog being affectionate early in the morning.

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Reasons for a Dog Being Affectionate in the Morning

1. Bursting with Energy

It starts with the amount of energy a dog is going to have.

Dogs have a lot of energy early in the morning after a good night’s rest. This is something that happens for all types of animals including humans.

As a result, you will have a dog that is going to want to use up its energy right away. This begins with cuddling in your bed and will continue throughout the morning before they eat.

why is my dog so affectionate in the morning

2. Eager for Their First Meal

If you are wondering, “Why is my dog so affectionate in the morning?” then it is important to focus on what the dog’s perspective is.

A dog just wants to eat and that is what its mind is going to be on as soon as it wakes up.

Of course, since you are the provider of food, they are going to want to wake you up. It is their way to let you know that they love you and it is time to start eating!

Most dogs follow a set eating schedule especially as pets, which means they are eager to maintain that schedule once they get used to it. This can include being extra affectionate.

A dog that is used to its schedule will often do this.

This is why it is common across all sorts of breeds and it is something dogs will do naturally once they are involved in the schedule.

why is my dog so affectionate in the morning

3. General Boredom

Dogs tend to get bored just like humans.

When everyone is sleeping, the dog is going to want to have fun. There are some dogs that don’t mind lounging around waiting for you to wake up, but others are going to want to initiate the process on their own!

Dogs tend to get bored from time to time and certain dogs will be super affectionate in a bid to get everyone’s day started in the house.

Being bored for a dog is challenging and it makes them do all sorts of things.

This includes wanting to wake up their owner.

If you notice this, it might be time to invest in a few dog toys to keep them busy before you wake up.

Final Thoughts

“Why is my dog so affectionate in the morning?”

Dogs are affectionate early in the morning because that’s when their energy levels are up. It is also time for them to eat their first meal and that is critical for the average dog.

Since they see you as a food provider, they are going to want to be around you as soon as they can. It is this reliance on you that makes them want to wake you up as soon as possible.

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