Why Do Dogs Burp In Your Face?

It’s never pleasant to get a waft of your dog’s burp right in your face! This happens all the time and most dog owners end up getting frustrated with their pet. You may want the dog to burp somewhere else, but it might be coming into your face all the time leading to this unfortunate issue. The first thing you should do is ask, why do dogs burp in your face?

Dogs burp in your face because it’s common for them to connect with other dogs, cats, and humans through smelling their breath. This is a natural instinct and it can lead to becoming close to an individual and burping in their face. It won’t be on purpose, but it can happen.

If your dog is burping in your face, it is okay to train them not to come this close. It is similar to a dog licking your face. It can be trained out of them with time.

The key factors include:

  • A Dog’s Habits
  • Medical Issues Involving Bloating/Gas
  • Attachment to You

When it comes to asking “Why do dogs burp in your face?” you will have to focus more on your specific dog. Each one is unique and it may have to do with an underlying medical issue the dog is dealing with. It is in your best interest to dig deeper and maybe speak to a vet.

They will let you know more about what is going on and whether or not your dog is healthy. If all it is is an odd burp here and there then it’s not something to worry about at all.

Anyone that is asking “Why do dogs burp in your face?” will learn more about the main reasons for a dog burping in this guide along with what it means.

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Reasons for A Dog Burping On You

1. General Attachment to You

The first detail to think about will be a dog’s bond with you.

If the dog is regularly close to you (i.e. hugs, pets, licks) then you are eventually going to get burped on! This is just the way things go because the probability of this happening will rise too.

You have to pay attention to how often a dog burps because that is a telltale sign of something being wrong. If it happens here and there, your dog is going to be more than okay. It is all about paying attention to these details as much as you can.

why do dogs burp in your face

2. Problem with Bloating

When asking “Why do dogs burp in your face?” you have to think about an underlying medical issue.

This can include bloating, which is common in some dog breeds. If the dog is exhibiting other health issues involving bloating, gas, diarrhea, and/or an upset stomach then that might be the troublemaker here.

You will have to speak to a vet in this situation!

Larger dog breeds tend to deal with bloating due to their digestive systems malfunctioning and this can lead to symptoms such as excessive burping.

The vet will shed light on what needs to happen next and which treatment is best.

In this case, knowing your dog is burping a lot can be helpful. It will let you know there is something to check out as soon as you can.

why do dogs burp in your face

3. Natural Instinct

It is also important to note, a dog is going to have a natural instinct to want to puts its face close to you and/or any other animal that is around it.

This happens when they start to learn more about another animal.

They will try to put their snout as close to you as possible, which can of course lead to them burping on you.

Dogs prefer to put their snout right up against another animal and this can include burping in your face while doing so.

It can be a shock for you as a dog owner, but it can happen.

If your dog is doing this a lot and you are left asking “Why do dogs burp in your face?” then it might be time to train your dog to stop.

It can be done as long as you are patient enough.

Final Thoughts

“Why do dogs burp in your face?”

A dog burps in your face because it likes being close to you and may have an underlying medical issue leading to excessive burping.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it is a point to keep in mind when it it is time to assess your dog’s health. Just knowing this information will go a long way.

Speak to a vet if you believe there is a problem with the dog’s health. Do this as soon as you can!

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