Does My Dog Know I Rescued Him?

A rescue dog is one of life’s greatest gifts and might be one of your proudest decisions. Yes, bringing home any dog is a wonderful experience, but a rescue dog is just special! While all of this is wonderful, you are often going to sit and wonder whether your beloved pet knows your role in its rescue. This will make you want to ask, does my dog know i rescued him?

A dog will not make a clear connection between a dog owner and its rescue, but it will know the dog owner is good to them. They will associate you with a sense of joy and happiness that is often seen through their reaction in your presence.

This is why a rescue dog in your home is always a unique and special feeling.

The factors include:

  • The Dog’s History
  • Your Loving Home
  • The Bond You Create

In most cases, a dog is going to notice the change in its situation as a rescue animal. This means they are going to know what the difference is between life before and after you came around. This alone is what gives you a special ranking in their mind.

If you are wondering, “Does my dog know I rescued him?” it indeed will have a general idea of the role you have played in its life. This alone is powerful and more than enough to show the power your bond has with the dog.

Here is a further look into the question, “Does my dog know I rescued him?” while also focusing on what a rescue dog will display when it comes to being happy.

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Signs of a Happy Rescue Dog

1. Non-Stop Wagging of Tail

This is often the first difference you are going to notice.

The rescue doing is going to be in love with you and everything associated with your presence. This is going to be seen through the relief that will pour over them as soon as they are walking freely.

This tends to be seen with a wagging tail.

Sometimes, a dog will have their tail curled underneath out of anxiety and fear. When your dog starts opening up, you will realize they understand you are a positive part of their life. This often means they know you are their rescuer.

It is a powerful relationship to have and it is one that is quite possible with a rescue dog in your life.

Does my dog know I rescued him

2. Staying Close to You

When asking “Does my dog know I rescued him?” you are going to want to look for specific signs.

A common one that is noted by experts comes in the form of a rescue dog’s proximity to you during the day. Is the rescue dog always near you and happy?

This means the rescue dog knows you are a wonderful part of its life and make everything about their day better. In essence, they will never want to lose this feeling and that is why they want to be near you.

Rescue dogs will often latch onto their dog owner because this is a place of comfort and they don’t want to lose you.

It shows you have gained their trust and that is a potent way to know you are a rescuer in the dog’s eyes.

For a lot of dog owners, this is a sign that shows their rescue dog is happy with them.

Does my dog know I rescued him

3. Playful Interactions

It is those subtle interactions that are quite powerful when it comes to enjoying the intricacies of what makes life special.

A rescue dog is often going to show a certain playfulness whenever you are around.

In many situations, a dog’s real personality will come out in your presence and that alone is a wonderful sight to see. This includes playful interactions whenever you are nearby.

This playfulness is going to be something that shows they are happy and that you are a big part of it. They will show their love to you over time.

This is why playful interactions are something to look out for as a dog owner of a rescue dog.

Final Thoughts

“Does my dog know I rescued him?”

Rescue dogs are special and it is all about building a strong bond with them. Due to their experiences, the dog will know what a bad and good experience is. If you are keeping them safe and happy, they will know they have been rescued.

This is going to be shown through their mannerisms because dogs aren’t quite as good at hiding their emotions!

They will let you know whether this means resting in your lap, staying close to you all the time, and/or just being a happy dog in your presence.

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