Do Dogs Understand Laughter?

Humans have a wide array of emotions – sadness, happiness, anger. This is just a way of life for humans and it’s something people across nations and continents understand. However, it becomes interesting to dissect what pets think about our range of emotions. A question many dog owners have at one point or another is, do dogs understand laughter?

Dogs don’t interpret laughter in the same way humans do. The dog will know you are happy and are displaying this happiness through laughter. On the other hand, a dog will not know the concept of humor.

This is essential as many dog owners assume their dog may get sad that they’re laughing at them. However, the average dog doesn’t interpret laughter in that manner and is going to have a more basic interpretation of your response. They will assume you are happy with their behavior and that’s about it.

These are critical differences to keep in mind with almost anything associated with emotion. Dogs are not as complex as humans when it comes to both displaying and reading emotions.

The factors include:

  • Perception
  • Emphasis on Actions
  • General Reading of Emotions

Over time, a dog is going to begin to develop these understandings by being around humans all their life. It is something that will become second-nature to them.

This is why when you raise your voice in anger, the dog will know you are angry. They will know you are unhappy with them and that can start to show through their body language too. The opposite happens when you are smiling and/or laughing.

It is important to know about these details when asking “Do dogs understand laughter?” because it will shed light into what your dog sees on a daily basis.

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Benefits of Staying Happy Around Dogs

1. Keeps Their Spirits Up

The main benefit of laughing around a dog comes by keepign their spirits up.

You have to realize a dog is going to be focused on you throughout the day. This happens all the time and that is why they pay attention to your emotional changes.

For a dog, they want to keep it simple and they want to see you happy. Of course, many dogs do comfort their owner but that also means they become unhappy too.

You have to learn to show them care and happiness throughout the day. This is the best way to ensure your dog feels good, especially when you start asking “Do dogs understand laughter?”

Dogs will certainly understand laughter to the point where they know you’re content.

do dogs understand laughter

2. Acts as a Relaxant

If you ever pay attention to a dog after you start laughing, they are going to become goofy and/or happy. This is just their reaction to your joy.

For the dog, it means you are happy with what they are doing and the situation around you. It also means they are safe.

Many dogs are attached to their pack and that includes you. If you are unhappy, this is going to have an impact on the dog’s mental health, especially over a prolonged period.

If you are laughing, the dog is going to ease up as well.

They will start to relax, their tail will wag, and it is going to be a good place for them to rest in. This is what you want for your dog at all times.

do dogs understand laughter

3. Helps the Dog Lead a Healthy Life

When asking “Do dogs understand laughter?” you also have to think about the dog’s mental and physical health.

A lot of dog owners don’t do this and are constantly angry or sad around their dog. This is going to take a toll on them especially if it happens every single day.

You have to learn to smile and laugh to keep them happy too.

Many dogs can begin to change their routine if their owner is unhappy as a reaction to what is happening around them.

It’s quite possible to end up cutting years off of your dog’s life by always being in stress around them. This is going to impact them badly.

Take the time to have fun, play with your dog, and just relax.

Final Thoughts

“Do dogs understand laughter?”

Dogs will understand laughter to the point that you are happy with them and your surroundings. However, a dog won’t know that you are laughing at them and/or you have cracked a joke.

Dogs do not pick up on humor in that way.

In general, it is always best to keep your dog happy and laughing at your dog is never a bad idea. This is going to make them happy and ease their nerves.

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