Why Does My Dog Pee On His Blanket? (And How To Stop It!)

Imagine walking into your bedroom, looking at the blanket, and realizing your dog has soaked it with urine! This is one of the worst things to deal with and is going to make you gag. Unfortunately, it is a common problem with all breeds of dogs when they are untrained or start to get loose around the house. This is when it becomes important to learn more about the problem and ask, why does my dog pee on his blanket?

A dog may pee on its blanket as a way to mark territory or when it is untrained. For the dog, a blanket is a nice place to urinate if it hasn’t been trained to go to the litter box.

This is a common problem with younger dogs as they become overzealous and start marking new territory including blankets.

If the dog thinks a blanket belongs to it, they are going to mark it with scent. In this case, they will either rub against the blanket and/or urinate on it.

The signs include:

  • Marking Other Items Around The House
  • Rubbing Against Furniture and Blankets
  • Rolling in the Blankets

The next thing you begin to wonder is whether or not the problem is going to last forever. If you are asking, “Why does my dog pee on his blanket?” then it makes sense to take a step back and focus on potty training your dog the right way.

They may have forgotten lessons that were taught in the past and/or have become prone to marking things around the house.

A problem such as this is not going to go away on its own. You will have to take action. Learn how to stop a dog from peeing on blankets in this guide while finding the answer to your query, “Why does my dog pee on his blanket?”

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How To Stop Dog From Peeing On Blanket

1. Rub Essential Oil on the Blankets

A good solution is to take a little bit of essential oil and rub it along the corners of the blanket. This scent is going to deter your dog from going to the blanket.

This is a great trick, if you are worried about blankets that you sleep with at night.

Of course, you shouldn’t do this with a dog’s blanket, but it is a good trick for any other blanket around the house. In fact, you should use this same repellent for other elements around the house where you don’t want the dog marking its territory.

This can include items such as the sofa, chairs, tables, and anything in between.

why does my dog pee on his blanket

2. Purchase a Separate Dog Blanket

This is the best course of action for anyone asking “Why does my dog pee on his blanket?”

You should look to find a separate dog blanket that is specifically for your beloved pet. In this case, you are going to give them a cozy spot to rest in and they will focus on that blanket.

Dog blankets are a good way to keep your dog comfortable in its resting spot rather than having it pee on other blankets around the house.

This tends to work well with dogs that are just walking around the house resting in different spots. If you make their specific dog bed or surrounding area cozy, they won’t pee on the blanket.

A dog that pees on the blanket has to be reined in and the best way to do this is by buying a new dog blanket for your dog.

why does my dog pee on his blanket

3. Reinforce Potty Training

It might be time to go back to training your dog.

Yes, potty training doesn’t always last especially with younger dogs. It may seem like they learned but then all of a sudden you find a mess on the blanket!

This is more common than you think.

Dogs like to mark things including their blankets making it important to reinforce potty training requirements from time to time even with older dogs.

The goal is to go back and re-train your dog.

This can include working with them to go to the litter box as expected. Other people will send their dog outdoors to relieve themselves and that is an option too.

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog pee on his blanket?

In most cases, the dog is simply marking its territory and leaving a scent behind. This is done by urinating on the blanket and moving onto another part of the house.

There are other situations where the dog simply isn’t potty trained and ends up urinating wherever it is resting, which often tends to be on a soft surface such as a blanket. Sometimes, it is as simple as this!

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