Why Do Dogs Chew Their Collars?

Dog collars seem part and parcel of a dog’s life, but does that mean things always go as smoothly as you want them to? Unfortunate, there are moments when a dog will start to play with or chew the dog collar. In a situation like this, you are going to wonder, why do dogs chew their collars?

Dogs will chew their dog collar when it is too tight, uncomfortable, and/or itchy. In some cases, a dog may start doing it if the dog collar is foreign to them and they have never worn one before.

It’s best to make sure to train the dog to wear a dog collar so it gets used to it. By doing this, the dog isn’t going to fidget as much nor will it chew the dog collar from time to time. This is going to require a bit of work, but it will lead to good results especially while walking.

The key details to consider include:

  • Dog’s History with Collars
  • Size of the Collar
  • Material

It is in your best interest to make sure you are aware of what a good dog collar is all about. This is the only way the dog isn’t going to chew or bite at the dog collar when it can.

If you find the right size and material, the dog is going to be more than happy with the dog collar. It is just going to take a bit of research on your end beforehand.

This guide will look at the question “Why do dogs chew their collars?” while also focusing on what to look for in a good dog collar for your dog.

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Tips for Finding a Good Dog Collar for Your Dog

1. Go a Size Up

The first tip to focus on would be the size of the dog collar.

Some dogs begin to chew their dog collar because it is too tight. This is a natural reaction and it is something any animal would do as soon as they feel a tight sensation around their neck.

To avoid this, you should go a size up based on your measurements. A good, high-quality collar is going to be adjustable, which makes it easier to toy around with until the dog is comfortable.

Make sure to keep it a bit loose, so the dog doesn’t feel a harsh yank as soon as it walks. This simple change is more than enough to know your dog is going to be content.

why do dogs chew their collars

2. Choose a Comfortable Material

What material are you looking at for the dog collar?

There are several materials that are on the open market including cheaper ones such as nylon. Yes, those dog collars do a good job when the dog is already used to the collar, but not so much when the dog collar is a new concept to the pet.

In situations such as these, you should only go with a leather dog collar.

Leather dog collars are known for having a good weight to them while also keeping the dog comfortable in different conditions.

A leather dog collar is great because it is going to be more robust, easier to handle, and is going to feel snug on the dog’s neck.

This alone is a benefit because the dog isn’t going to feel itchy wearing it. This is what causes you to ask “Why do dogs chew their collars?” in the first place!

The dog is not going to like materials that are rough against the fur or skin.

why do dogs chew their collars

3. Go with a Lightweight Dog Collar

When asking “Why do dogs chew their collars?” it is also important to note the weight of the dog collar.

A good dog collar is one that is lightweight and isn’t going to weigh the dog’s neck down. It is the weight that causes dogs to become unhappy with what they are wearing.

Take the time to find a good lightweight dog collar that isn’t going to cause harm. This alone is a game-changer.

Heavier dog collars will make the dog nervous and that is when they begin to chew the dog collar.

If you do this, the dog is going to be happy and will naturally forget there is something where the dog collar is.

This is the type of behavior you want out of the dog and that is only possible when the dog collar is designed to be lightweight.

Final Thoughts

“Why do dogs chew their collars?”

Dogs chew their collars when it begins to bother them due to weight, material, and/or any other physical aspect. This is why it is best to take your time while buying a new dog collar for your dog.

Just making simple adjustments will go a long way in keeping the dog happy.

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