Why Do Rabbits Vibrate Their Feet? (And How To Help!)

A rabbit will do a variety of things when it comes to twitching, moving, and just having fun. These are the little quirks that make you fall in love with rabbits in the first place! While this is all lovely, it is still important to ask the right questions such as, why do rabbits vibrate their feet?

Rabbits vibrate their feet due to potential nerve issues that causes them to have this involuntary reflex. It can occur when a rabbit has been sitting in the same spot for too long and/or is dehydrated.

The best course of action is to make sure the rabbit isn’t sitting in the same spot all day. This is going to make it easier to ensure the rabbit’s health doesn’t deteriorate. In a lot of cases, this is a problem that is seen as the rabbit begins to age indoors.

Key factors include:

  • Amount of Heat in the Environment
  • Water Intake
  • Dietary Intake
  • Exercise

Each factor is going to play a role in how the rabbit feels. If a rabbit’s feet begin to vibrate, it will likely have to do with one or more of these factors listed above.

As a rabbit owner, it is best to ask “Why do rabbits vibrate their feet?” while also taking a look at what can be done next to help the rabbit out.

If you are noticing this become a regular thing, it might be time to speak to a vet as well. They can shed light on how extensive the nerve damage is and whether or not it will have a significant impact on the rabbit’s quality of life moving forward.

Here is more on the question, “Why do rabbits vibrate their feet?” for those who want to help stop their rabbit’s feet from twitching all the time.

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How to Stop Rabbit’s Feet From Vibrating

1. Give the Legs a Massage

It is highly recommended to sit down with your rabbit during the day and give a short massage to the legs and/or feet.

The idea of doing this is to make sure the rabbit remains calm and its nerves ease. A lot of rabbits deal with this issue as pets because they are not moving around as much as they would in the wild.

Experts Say...
Nerve issues can become a problem as the rabbit begins to age, which is why giving a 10-15 massage to the target area goes a long way.

By giving a massage, you are going to ease the muscles around the nerves making it a lot easier for them to stop vibrating.

This is a long-term plan and one that is going to require regular massage sessions to work. Take your time and be compassionate with your rabbit throughout the process.

Why do rabbits vibrate their feet

2. Increase Water Intake

When asking “Why do rabbits vibrate their feet?” you will have to look at whether or not the rabbit is hydrated. This can become an issue during the warmer months.

If the rabbit is not getting the opportunity to consume enough water, it is possible for the rabbit to start twitching and/or vibrating.

Experts Say...
Dehydration can become a problem leading to signs of twitching, which may also be seen with the rabbit’s feet.

You may also notice the rabbit become sluggish along the way.

This is when you have to make water accessible to the rabbit and ensure it is drinking enough during a 24-hour period.

Why do rabbits vibrate their feet

3. Increase Play Time

Play time is essential when you notice a rabbit’s feet vibrate.

The reason some rabbit’s feet tend to vibrate has a lot to do with a decrease in playtime. They don’t get to move around as much as they need to, which puts a tremendous amount of stress on their muscles/ligaments/nerves.

You have to make sure the rabbit is healthy and as active as possible.

Just giving them more room to play, additional toys, or even a fake tunnel is going to go a long way. Make sure to invest in these types of solutions as soon as possible!

Final Thoughts

“Why do rabbits vibrate their feet?”

Rabbits tend to vibrate their feet due to a nerve issue that becomes more prone as they age. This is not common in all rabbits, but it can happen with pets as they are not as active as indoor rabbits.

In situations such as these, you should make sure to increase the rabbit’s play time while also focusing on increasing their water intake.

These types of changes are going to go a long way in keeping the rabbit safe.

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