Can You Litter Train an Unspayed Rabbit? (And How!)

It can seem like an impossible task when you have an unspayed rabbit that is peeing/pooping all over the house! You may assume this is going to become a lifelong issue that isn’t going to go away. However, this is the wrong mindset to have as a rabbit owner! It is essential to ask the right question beginning with, can you litter train an unspayed rabbit?

An unspayed rabbit can be litter trained and the best approach is to set up multiple litter boxes around the area. This will help the rabbit easily access a clean litter box whenever it needs to.

There is nothing wrong with an unspayed rabbit when it comes to relieving itself. You just have to take the time to litter train the unspayed rabbit.

As long as you do this, the results will come!

Key details include:

  • Number of Litter Boxes
  • Food/Water Intake
  • Your Effort

It is not going to happen overnight and that is not the approach to take when asking, Can you litter train an unspayed rabbit?”

Instead, you want to stay patient and learn more about what your options are. This is the only way you are going to feel confident in training the unspayed rabbit not to pee around the house.

If you are worried about those messes at home, it is time to work on training your unspayed rabbit the right way.

This guide is going to help answer the question, “Can you litter train an unspayed rabbit?” for frustrated rabbit owners that want to reel their rabbit in as soon as possible. You will also learn what to use during the process.

Best Litter Box for Unspayed Rabbits (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on How to Litter Train an Unspayed Rabbit

1. Set Up 2-3 Litter Boxes at Home

It is essential to go out and find at least 2-3 litter boxes that are the right size for your rabbit.

This is going to make it easier for the rabbit to go where it needs to. Otherwise, the rabbit will panic and that is when it is going to relieve itself everywhere around the house.

It is essential to set up multiple litter boxes and maintain all of them too.

Experts Say...
Having multiple litter boxes for rabbits at home will make it easier for the rabbit to relieve itself without getting worried about finding the right spot.

If you take the time to do this, you are going to see far better results.

There are too many rabbit owners that don’t know how to train an unspayed rabbit but it often comes down to the finer details such as this.

If you place the litter boxes correctly, the rabbit is going to learn over time.

can you litter train an unspayed rabbit

2. Use Treats

If you are asking, “Can you litter train an unspayed rabbit?” it is essential to take a step back and focus on what you are using to incentivize the rabbit’s behavior.

They are not going to laern without some form of appreciation, which should include rabbit treats.

The rabbit is going to be eager to get those treats and will begin to enjoy the little dopamine hit as soon as they get the treat after peeing/pooping in the litter box.

Experts Say...
Treats can be a good incentive to teach your rabbit that it is essential to use the litter box that you have set up.

Just because a rabbit is unspayed doesn’t mean it is okay for it to relieve itself all over the room.

You have to use treats and make sure to be an active part of the rabbit’s routine. It will take a bit of time, but the results are going to come because rabbits learn quickly.

can you litter train an unspayed rabbit

3. Time the Water and Food Intake

It is essential to learn more about when the rabbit is eating food and/or drinking during the day.

You will want to time it better to make sure the rabbit isn’t having to go all the time. This is when you are going to have a rabbit that just goes wherever it needs to.

Plan ahead and make sure the rabbit’s schedule is based on specific times during the day. This will get it used to the actual routine of going to the litter box at that time of the day.

Final Thoughts

“Can you litter train an unspayed rabbit?”

Unspayed rabbits are just like any other rabbit when it comes to training. It is just going to take a little bit of extra time to make sure things are done the right way and you see consistent results.

Focus on using rabbit treats, setting up multiple litter boxes, and taking the time to work with your rabbit. The more you work, the better the results are going to be!

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