Are Rabbits Low Maintenance? (And Why or Why Not!)

Thinking about getting a pet rabbit for your house? It might seem like an easy decision and one that is not going to be difficult to pull off as long as you have a clean house. While it is easy to buy a rabbit, it is not as easy to maintain them. This is why the first thing you should ask is, are rabbits low maintenance?

Rabbits are now low maintenance. They require a constant source of fresh food, a clean living area, and can be challenging to train without persistent effort on the owner’s part.

It’s essential to keep this in mind when it comes to bringing a new rabbit home for the first time!

The reasons include:

  • Food and Water Intake
  • Cleanliness
  • General Training Needs

A lot of potential owners will look at the rabbit as the easiest option when compared to other pets. Yes, this is a common opinion but it is not the right one!

Rabbits are not low maintenance and require an owner that is willing to put up with their needs.

If you are wondering “Are rabbits low maintenance?” then it is time to dig deeper into the subject before moving forward with a new pet rabbit. It is better to learn more about why rabbits are now low maintenance before making a proper decision.

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Reasons Why Rabbits Are Not Low Maintenance

1. Constant Need for Food

It all starts with their constant need for food and water.

The rabbit is an animal that is always eating and that is what makes it happy. If you are not giving the pet enough food, it is going to become anxious and may even start to act out.

The most important detail is that you can’t just give it any random food. You will have to make sure it is fresh and in line with what a rabbit eats.

Experts Say...
Rabbits prefer to eat a lot of food and will sometimes “overeat” because that is what comes naturally to them whether it is indoors or outdoors.

To the surprise of many people that ask “Are rabbits low maintenance?”, they don’t realize the amount of food a rabbit ends up eating.

You have to pay attention to not only the type of food the rabbit is consuming, but also make sure they are eating the right type to get all of the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. If not, you are going to have an unhappy and unhealthy pet rabbit on your hands!

Be diligent and make sure to read up on what a rabbit prefers to eat during the day.

Are rabbits low maintenance

2. Living Area Requires Daily Cleanings

When asking “Are rabbits low maintenance?”, you also have to start to focus on what your responsibility is going to be as a rabbit owner.

This includes what you are going to have to do every single day as soon as you wake up.

A good example of this would be regularly cleaning where the rabbit rests and poops. This is a given and it is something that will take a toll on you if you aren’t prepared.

Experts Say...
A rabbit’s litter box and bedding will have to be cleaned daily or they are going to become anxious living in the house.

A lot of people assume rabbits are clean animals (they are!) but that doesn’t mean their living arrangements will be clean too.

You will have to do the cleaning or the odor is going to fill the house right away.

Are rabbits low maintenance

3. Difficult to Train

Training a rabbit isn’t easy.

You are going to have to be diligent and put in the work. If you don’t have a lot of time and want to leave the rabbit alone, you are going to have a lot of messes to clean as soon as you return from work/school.

This is the last thing people want to deal with after a long day!

Litter training a rabbit takes time and sometimes they ignore what they have learned. This is why you have to be dedicated to the animal making it a high maintenance pet.

Final Thoughts

“Are rabbits low maintenance?”

Rabbits are not the first animal you are going to put on the list when it comes to low maintenance pets. They are difficult to train, require a lot of food, and will test your patience when it comes to clean living arrangements.

Yes, the animal is clean, but you are going to have to put in the work when it comes to the bedding and litter box.

This can surprise a lot of people, but it is a given when you are venturing down this path.

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